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  1. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy Birthday HJ-Onilink

    Happy Birthday HJ-Onilink :) Hope you have a great day
  2. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy Birthday Homeslice513

    Happy Birthday Homeslice513 :) Hope you have a great day
  3. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy Birthday Gate

    Happy 27th Birthday Gate :) Hope you have a great day
  4. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy Birthday AuburnWolf

    Happy Birthday AuburnWold :) Hope you have a great day
  5. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy 35th Birthday Evran

    Happy Birthday Evran :) Hope you have a great day
  6. Sherri_CinVin

    Free game to play

    It's free :)
  7. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy :(

    Happy Birthday Daax :)
  8. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy 36th Birthday Jaraeth

    Happy Birthday Jaraeth :) Hope you have a great day
  9. Sherri_CinVin


    Yes I saw that , I don't even want to open the topic lol I'm surprised it hasn't happened a lot sooner, some of the other forms I go to have the same problem
  10. Sherri_CinVin

    The Flim and Flam

    Wow that was great :)
  11. Sherri_CinVin

    Happy 27th Birthday Naeya

    Happy Birthday Naeya :) Hope you have a great day
  12. Sherri_CinVin

    What Do You Listen To?

    Old time Rock and Roll :)
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    Still Humming Along

    You should really check out Asheron's Call if you don't want to be told to do quests or have to do them to lvl. It's an old game and not the high tech graphs but it's not a wow clone. If you can't find a game that a clone of some other game you don't like then maybe it's time to make a game...
  14. Sherri_CinVin

    Free OU and Wow servers

    Just in case anyone would like to play for free this one is the wow info
  15. Sherri_CinVin

    New HeroEngine w/ a tease of future HJ news....

    This is a good read
  16. Sherri_CinVin

    Hero's Journey, Dead?

    If true it is very sad indeed :(
  17. Sherri_CinVin

    Employers screening World of Warcraft players?

    Very Interesting indeed I would never tell my boss what I do in my spare time.
  18. Sherri_CinVin

    The Solo vs Group experience

    Well that's a game I will never play :) To me thats forced grouping to do quests just to get the large bonuses and better loot. Not everyone has the time to do these sort of quests. I feel a lot of accomplishment in the things I do in game as a solo player in all the games I have played. I...
  19. Sherri_CinVin

    The Solo vs Group experience

    I agree with Jaraeth, I hate being forced to group just to get items and things With my work schedule it's hard to make time to join groups. I like to explore and gather and make things, meet new people and yak But there is time when I like to go hunt and kill things and lvl up and get items...
  20. Sherri_CinVin

    GFX Artwork Of Daax

    Looks great Daax :)