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  1. Dhanz

    The Evidence that Vaughn is NOT really dead

    Ok, so this is why i beleive Vaughn is still alive: 1) His name appears in the credits at the beginning as a star...not a GUEST star 2) When Sydney was talking to her father while Vaughn was still in surgery, Jack said "I will do everything I can to protect you both", Sydney did not respond. i...
  2. Dhanz

    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    as horrible as it was seeing vaughn's funeral, i think we all know he will be back. for starters, the character in alias who is leaving, is Weiss...i beleive that episode 5.02 will be his last. and also, michael vartan's name is in the credits as a cast member...not something they would do if...