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    Would you rather?

    fly what is your favourite animal?
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    C & C blacknwhite

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    GFX No.1 Signature Battle

    Freestyle: Stock posted Battle Size (1v1) Entry Cost N/A [Winnings] N/A Voting: Anyone can vote Post here if you are interested or throw me a PM
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    Please welcome fokerss

    welcome to gfxd
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    GFX The fundamentals of a good logo

    clear basic strong
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    GFX SOTW 1 - Vote

    Zakdaley gets my vote
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    Tutorial BLacK's basic Smudge tutorial

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    C & C new one

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    Ghosting Graphics has joined the forum

    welcome to the forums
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    For Sale Megan Fox

    5 Credits :)
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    C & C Ctrl+'s Tag wall.

    haha you reduced the size? :( awesome imo your stuff is great
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    For Sale Custom C4D Animated Avatar

    when i get 25 credits i might request one ;)
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    Ctrl+'s Poetic coma.

    keep it up !
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    C & C i will never forget

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    Favorite Song?

    too many to list lol
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    Request Signature Please

    If no replies are made for any changes or for acceptance of the work within 3 days the request will be marked completed and moved to the completed section.
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    Request Signature Please

    Thank you for your request Excaliber. Your request has been accepted. It will be completed shortly, please visit back to the thread to view it's status including to answer any further questions that are necessary to complete the request for you. If your request is not completed within a few...
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    C & C My Best 3 Pieces

    No. 2 Needs a light source More blending practise also. imo Not bad though keep up the good work