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    C & C Britney Spears

    Well my net wasn't working yesterday so I decided to make a sig.
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    C & C Dark Knight

    C&C please.
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    C & C Bloc Party

    For SOTW
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    C & C Rawr

    New: Imo, im getting much better just by following 2 tutorials lol. (Collaterals).
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    C & C City of Danger

    Got bored, so went into PS and made this; P.S: Thanks to Collateral for the 'Deep in Thought' tut, it helped me alot.
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    GFX "OmFFGz N@K3D PoRnz!1!"

    Rate/Bash/Whatever :)
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    GFX Simple

    I was following a tut then got bored half way though so I messed around with some default brushes lol. :confused:
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    GFX New

    Was trying differnt felgercarb thats why it looks messy.
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    GFX Transformers

    Got bored. C+C.
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    GFX David Villa

    Fire away.
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    GFX Newwy

    C&C please. BTW I know its not good and is plain and that the lighting to the left of her head doesnt look good so go easy. :P
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    Miley Cyrus

    Well me and CoLLaTeRaL had a lil discussion on MSN and he's saying Miley Cyrus is ugly. How dare he. What are you views? Ugly or Sexy? My vote is for sexy =]
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    GFX New Sig

    Not touched Ps in about 4 months as I havnt had the net so never came on my pc. Anyway I decided to make a sig for the SOTW: C&C welcome.