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    The Past Shall Catch Up with You.

    Chapter One Half an hour later, she got out of the car, alongside her husband, and they headed down the subway steps. They got onto the subway and sat down together. A few minutes later they came to their stop. Both got out at the same time, and headed toward the door that said “Authorized...
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    The Past Shall Catch Up with You.

    Title-The Past shall catch up with you Rating-PG-13 (idk yet) Disclaimer-I don't own anything you may recognize! They belong to JJ Abrams Characters Name: Sydney Ann Bristow ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300844 Call Signs: Freelancer, Mountaineer, Phoenix Alias: Julia Thorne, Kate Jones, Victoria King...
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    Season 4 Irina's warning + Vaughn's confession

    I agree with you on this one. It could have been in real life...but with one of the other posts about them managing to get out of the Russian city, but not being able to drive a car down a road without getting hurt. It kinda seems too unrealistic.
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    Is taking horse riding lessons fun?

    I loved riding lessons...but I don't ride anymore cuz of $$...but I'm hoping that when I get a job..I can work at the stables and earn lessons.
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    A Mother's Wish

    Hey!! Love it!! BTW, this is Elisha Sparrow aka Elenanna from A-U's forum.