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  1. luxefaire

    Space The Dark Side of Carbon

    hey, listen, i am gruff, because i am old, dont take it personally....i have to post and run most times, so am in a hurry because of is the real dark side of carbon, the weapons systems deployed by world government which the carbon fraud was just a cover interview on the...
  2. luxefaire

    Do games cause violent behavior?

    well there are factions of society who are more prone to violence and its because they like it, it makes them feel good and complete, like the police, and the mob....i have heard there is definite link between these types who seek violence and a liking for very realistic, very violent video...
  3. luxefaire

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    essays on indian antiquities, historic, numismatic, and paleographic, james prinsep 1858
  4. luxefaire

    Space The Dark Side of Carbon

    remember how in old star treks people were referred to as carbon based life forms? if there is a carbon problem its people, tooooooo many by far. No controls, all the races are products of inbreeding, so there you go, when people start looking like each other, there has been a lot of...
  5. luxefaire

    The Dark Side Of Disclosure

    it had line breaks! but when i posted it came out like that....i went and checked on that stuff and about half is stuff i havent heard....i dont know about the greys eithers, i think streiber might be right and its some sort of mass psychosis/hallucination....i have never seen one, but its well...
  6. luxefaire

    The Dark Side Of Disclosure

    one of the armys secret programs now against activists uses AI, lots of cams, and directed energy weapons auto tracked to movements around an area....very expensive, but they have all our is more dark side disclosure, i cannot vouch for this timeline, its just one of the things i...
  7. luxefaire

    Reality Science Fiction

    you might like "The Lathe Of Heaven" by Ursula K. LeGuin.
  8. luxefaire

    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    very useful Tom, thanks so much. adding this mar28: First, I want to mention I am very limited in my access to the internet, I cannot surf the net like I was once used to, because I have limited data and have been a prisoner here in NM for a long time, the whole time I am ever in this...
  9. luxefaire

    Sci-Fi "Ecstasy Boulevard" - a cyberpunk short film

    it looks like you have some pretty heavy talent available as far as computer generated special effects and art in general is concerned. I think it must have been fun filming this where there were crowds. Kind a a video fable, innit? I love the imagery man, and the story line was easy enough...
  10. luxefaire

    No Signal

    By Bill Gallagher 4885 Words Our Modern World began once the use of electricity became commonplace. Many things changed after this new electrified world gave birth to itself, and some of those changes will be around as long as electricity is. One of the many changes is called...
  11. luxefaire

    The Dark Side Of Disclosure

    Be very careful when dealing with anything in government these days, because the American government has been taken over by bad people. Really bad people.
  12. luxefaire

    For Sale custom leather goods

    I have started a monthly newsletter about metal detecting and coin collecting, and there are ads in it for some other of my stuff...if you want a free subscription or sample issue send me your email in a PM....thanks....b
  13. luxefaire

    Ongoing Thread On Flying Disc Patents

    Will be posting patents for flying discs and related technology here as I locate them. The biggest problem with disclosure is that the people in charge of learning have subverted the mass for their own profit, for nefarious control purposes. People cannot see how common a lot of this stuff has...
  14. luxefaire

    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    in avatar he did cool stuff with those floating rocks, anchored to the planet with plants, where the dragons flew. there was proximity to another planet, dangerous proximity, and it caused antigravity situation where parts of the planet were just floating away....if memory serves, its been a...
  15. luxefaire

    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    right now i am playing with the idea of people being entrained by machine thinking, as in the larger AIs learning in gigacycles and beyond. the closer someone is to that activity the more prone they would be to entrainment. they might even evolve upward, a new way of thinking, augmented, if...
  16. nathan stubblefields earth battery

    nathan stubblefields earth battery

    stubblefield observed that when telegraph lines went down, they many times continued to work even tho there were no physical connections...he theorized then proved earth energy and this is what he built to harvest # for written explanation....his name is on thecellphone patent today....b
  17. luxefaire


    This is carved in stone at the temple of abydos. hovercraft at bottom, jet above, lthe jet is right out of some ancient vedic production; a tank above the jet, and a helicopter to the left of the tank. A lot of experimental stuff going on in the atmosphere and in other places right now, like...
  18. luxefaire

    Interesting 1000 Year Old Coins

    the pyramids were a superground, able to convert high power tectonically generated ultrasound to energies needed to be used with the moon to keep this planet in its traverse of 360 degrees, a perfect circle around the sun, its how engineers do it, its says God was here....this planet was...