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    Spacing required

    If you check on these pages you'll notice the top breadcrumbs and button are touching the search. Perhaps adding some margin will fix that. .breadBoxTop { margin-top: 10px; }
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    Carols hair style?

    Is it me or does carols hairstyle get worse with each passing episode. Either she's had a brush up with the hair faeries or been dragged through a bush repeatedly. What are you thoughts? Bad hair day/week or can we expect it to get significantly worse when season 3 continues after the winter...
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    Windows 8: Your Thoughts?

    Today was the first time I found myself using this what I can only describe as a hideous OS. I found whilst trying to install programs (such as steam and chrome) I'd get this bright Pink screen pop up basically saying "no- your not installing this" with some protection thing win 8 has, God knows...
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    What happened to Hershel's leg? and...

    Did his leg come down with the infection? This question derived from the chat marathon from last night which i thought was a good question and discussion to get into. On the leg being infected part, moving around somewhat I would probably say no since it's not attached to the brain, but can we...
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    The Steam Thread

    So I thought start a steam thread here at where members can add each other as friends if your a steam subscriber or post when deals/bargains happen at steam (which they regularly do have) infact they have a sale on now. Post about games you purchased whether they are good or bad...
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    Melee Weapons are great. Really they are.

    I never could understand the stupidity of people in movies/shows when that zombie apocalypse comes. Doesn't it make sense for each member of the team to carry a sword/blade for when they run out of ammo? Let's take it one step further, train each of the team in using the melee weapon resulting...
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    What Happens to zombies that don't eat?

    I'm not sure if this has been asked but I thought i'd throw it out there. :D What happens to the infected (walkers) that don't eat? Do they suffer from any adverse affects like starvation, lose stamina the ability to attack efficiently? Or Die (again)? What's your thoughts on this as the...
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    TWD Character Portraits

    Inspired by Stewart's Daryl avatars I thought i'd throw up some framed characters. I'll add more to this post as i get them done and will release the PSD on completion. For now, there are 4 and when time permits I'll add more and then finally post the psd. Ps. Really great job with those...
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    Is Lori Really Dead?

    I'm not 100% convinced. No body, we didn't see Carl shoot her and we know there are other clans in the prison that could have saved/helped her. I think this is a perfect recipe for bringing her back. Is it just me that doesn't think she is dead?
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    XF Add-ons (Title Change)

    I thought i'd suggest a forum section title change specifically a suggestion to change the "xF Add-on" area to something like Resource downloads or something generic? Really changing it primarily to change it so members, new registrants are not at the mindset that this is a "XF" only area to...
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    XenForo CSS3 Notifications

    Summary You will need to have Notifications - powered by Gritter - Developed by Chris Deeming to use this. Additional Notes: I've made alterations for images to be used as a fallback for older browsers and (excuse my french) That piece of felgercarb browser ie9 that handles css3 gradients in such a...
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    XenForo Xenmood Overlay (increasing columns)

    Summary: This adjusts your mood icons to in the mood selector overlay to display your moods from the 3 column display to a 5 making use of the vast amount of space. Obviously, if your want to display them in rows of 4 adjust the percentage. The following CSS also adjusts the height so your no...
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    Tutorial Pixel Graphic Template

    Preview Summary: Pixel guideline templates which I found are usefull for graphic resource forums as a visual guideline to others who are not savy in pixels/sizes. Below (quoted text) is an example of how they can be used as a reference guideline. Format: .Png Conditions of use: This...
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    Dales Death - Your Alternate Ending

    So I've been thinking today about poor ole Dale, and how he died in the series and the more I got thinking (this sometimes can be a bad thing) I really began thinking his whole death and how he met his ending was a little cliche with the whole zombie thing ripping into his stomach. So here...
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    Merle in episode 7

    Maybe it's just me thinking this, I dunno so I thought I'd ask what your thoughts were. When the governor made Maggie take her top off am I the only one thinking Merle's expression on his face was an expression of disapproval? I think it's quite obvious Merle wants to meet up with his brother...
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    Walking Dead Character Mini Cards

    A mini card, graphic I just designed. Not sure what I was designing it for, but I'm sure someone somewhere might have a use for it, perhaps add text on the left hand side or something. I'll post other variants with different walkers as time permits. Edit: Added Female Walker card Edit...
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    The Walking Dead Caption Thread

    Unsure whether this goes in here but I'll chance it. Found a funny caption related to the walking dead? Created your own little caption you want to share? well this is the thread to post in and share with others those crazy captions, or captions that just conveyed perfectly how you feel about...
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    Your Top 3 Zombie Movies?

    As the title states, what are your top 3 zombie movies you regard as your favorite? Mine would have to be the following: Evil Dead 2 - (you have to adore Bruce Campbell's craziness). 28 days later - (first movie to have those fast moving infected) and it was a great movie. City of the...
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    Horror Scariest Zombie Movie?

    City of the Living dead - I rank this as the scariest zombie movie for me since I watched it as a kid and it absolutely scared the pants off me. More specific it was the priest looking through a window at night What's your scariest Zombie movie and why?
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    Suggestions for questions to be added

    This is referenced to the betting add-on added here at this site. What betting questions would you like to see added? Throw some suggestions for questions to be added in this thread so an array of questions can be compiled, then added for the betting add-on which you'll be able to participate...