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    Space Comet ISON

    I really hope the comet makes it's brush past the sun myself since they say it'll be visible to the naked eye. personally though, it's at the limit where the suns gravity is going to pull and stretch at it causing it to break up. Then it has to withstand the 2million degrees corona heat so...
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    What movies do you think are overrated?

    I think the godfathers are highly overrated (especially the first 2). Don't get me wrong, They are both good movies but very highly overrarted by the film buffs and movie critics. #gettingpaidtogivemoviesgoodreviews A few others that I think are overrated, whilst still good movies and not bad...
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    Gamer bites neighbour's penis

    ROFLMAO - I guess he wanted a little "Salami" in his sandwich for extra, how can I put it? Taste? . :laugh: Jokery aside. The guy had two teeth? odd, I'm assuming had there been more teeth, the guys rucksacks would have taken a hit. lol Sorry, can't take this story seriously. :laugh:
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    A Ghostly Trio from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

    Spitzer has been an absolute asset gather starlight behind the dustclouds/nebulae in the infrared spectrum. But wait for the James Webb telescope to be launched and start sending images/images down they really are going to put Spitzer & hubble to shame and the James Webb is primarily focusing on...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 map in Disneyland

    Yeah, quite a few of the maps created by their respected authors are survival or vs only but you get your fair share of campaign maps. The map in question can be downloaded here and you will have to...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 map in Disneyland

    You almost got me excited Az that I ran to the l4d2 workshop to see if this was a campaign map only to find it's only for "survival" in L4D2 which is part of the game I rarely play. :D #howdareyougetmyhopesup For anyone interested in this Map, that plays l4d2, you can down load this in the...
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    XenForo [xFS] User Smilies

    Haven't had the chance to try this out but thread a hamburger your way kev. :D
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    Comedy Anchorman

    Been waiting for a long time for this movie to be announced and glad it's being made. I'm looking forward to it myself and will definitely going to watch this Christmas.
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    XenForo [xFS] User Smilies

    Thanks Kevin, I'll give this a try tomorrow/later today (it's just went past midnight) so will test this on the latest xf. :)
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    Spacing required

    The visitorpanel could do with some spacing also Kev, forgot to mention this last time.or you could probably use the .visitorPanel class but it touches the quicksearch at the top .sidebar { margin-top: 10px;}
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    Spacing required

    Yeah, that is much better.
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    Spacing required

    If you check on these pages you'll notice the top breadcrumbs and button are touching the search. Perhaps adding some margin will fix that. .breadBoxTop { margin-top: 10px; }
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    PC SimCity (2013)

    I purchased the game on release day and played it a little but haven't really went back to it ever since but plan to. Apparently the latest patch is supposed to fix the roads or something and many other bugs so it's a game I'll certainly be playing at some point in the future.
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    Aliens UFOs: It Has Begun (1973) - documentary

    I'll be giving this doc a watch tomorrow. :cheers:
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    Sci-Fi Pacific Rim (2013) & Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

    I'll be honest. Very eager to see this movie.:D
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    The Walking Dead Survivor Redux!

    +4 carl -4 lori
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    Carols hair style?

    Is it me or does carols hairstyle get worse with each passing episode. Either she's had a brush up with the hair faeries or been dragged through a bush repeatedly. What are you thoughts? Bad hair day/week or can we expect it to get significantly worse when season 3 continues after the winter...
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    Steam winter sale

    I purchased a combi deal in the winter sale F.E.A.R 1/2/3 + DLC's for around £8 - I figured it was cheap so if they turned out to be bad games I didn't lose a great deal. Yeah, i thought they were terrible games which i won't be playing again.
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    Die or try to survive?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Excellent post Stew. :)