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  1. LatinumHeart

    Eugentics Wars : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh

    This was a great series of books. Very fast paced and interesting, and blended several Star Trek episodes as well as Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan. If you love Star Trek and the character Khan and the idea of genetically enhanced human beings. I suggest you pick up a copy. Here is a brief...
  2. LatinumHeart

    Sci-Fi Star Trek Vacation

    Hello everyone! I am in the midst of watching some Star Trek the Next Generation, and I as I am watching the Captain's Holiday, (where Jean-Luc Picard visits Risa) and I was wondering, would anyone like to visit Risa? And bring a horgon? lol Also, I was also wondering, how come with a...
  3. LatinumHeart

    Animation CodeMonkeys - An Underestimated Gem

    Just wanted to let you guys know there is a cool little cartoon circulating around the G4 network. I never heard of it until my boyfriend insisted I watch it. I don't know much about computers or the computer age (horrible I know) but he does. I know of computers from the movie Pirates of...
  4. LatinumHeart

    Newbie whose Heart is cased in Gold Pressed Latinum

    Hello fellow sci-fi enthusiasts! As you can probably tell, I am an avid Star Trek fan, with focus on Deep Space Nine (if you get the subject line reference). I am new to the forum and I am just looking around and checking things out. I was on the Star Trek fan forum, but they seemed so...