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  1. Zink


    What's up with all the spam recently, I'm pretty sure there wasn't this much before... And why don't they use a more active sight that this one?
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    What Do You Listen To?

    Always looking for new music or to see what others listen to.... What do you listen to? I'll start off with a few of my favorite artists :D Slick Rick Eric B and Rakim J-Live J.Rawls Black Sheep Blackmore's Night the Adolescents Rancid Black Flag Shakey Bones Fang Operation Ivy etc... What...
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    It looks at least somewhat interesting, and it's not as if there's much else to watch in this stagnant market of cloned or failing MMOs...\ LINK:
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    DAoC Server Poll (You need not play, just read!)

    To All Current, Former and Future players: Would you be interested in playing on a new Dark Age of Camelot server that does the following? Brings back the Old Frontiers territory Brings back the old Keeps, Relics, and related systems Does not include the following systems or...
  5. Zink

    Comedy Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    The first one was excellent, but I'm not sure about a second. I am anticipating seeing it; however, I am aware that it may not be good. I hope it's good though, because the first one was hilarious. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. Zink

    Small Community MMOs

    I was just thinking about what makes a game good, and I struck upon mithral (shiny...). Where as people look at UI and graphics, and the number of people playing, etc. etc. there is one thing that no one talks about. Community. I don't neccessarily mean the community attitude, but the size. A...
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    GFX Flash Vids

    Anyone know how to make flash videos for free? I have ideas that I can't fullfill. :( . Flash vids as in like, animated felgercarb videos such as DR. T, etc.
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    One of my favorite RPGs, I like the available choices and I LOVE being EVIL!!!!
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    A Secondary Game

    OK. Each person can write up to two pages of storyline for the character. Two characters per the entire thread everyone can add ANYTHING they like, but no double posts. No stats are needed and anything not in the storyline should be put under *""* Such as *"this"* As he walks into the...
  10. Zink

    My Ideas. (Not organized much)

    Ok. So, will we be able to dye/emblazon our own clothing such as in DAoC? i really liked this feature and prefer much more to be able to bleach and then dye my own clothes after I get them instead of getting clothes and such with predetermined colors. Also, instead of level repuirements why not...
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    Zebra: A music Suggestion thread that Zebras have nothing to do with

    So I'm looking for some more non whiny emo music in any genre although I do like: Ska Punk (Operation Ivy, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Skankin-pickle) Punk (Rancid, Static Thought, Society's Parasites) Rock (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc.) Techno Punk/Techno-Rock (Daft Punk, Machine Gun...
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    GFX I suck at poetry but...

    I suck at poetry but write a lot of it... Here you guys go... I'm kinda bored... Trail of Many Footsteps I walk a path of life, That no other has ever seen, I walk a trail in life, A trail unforeseen Though there are many footsteps going both ways, I created all of them, I walked in...
  13. Zink

    Happy Birthday Khemenlith!

    Whelp, I saw that it was your birthday, and had seen your posts before soooo.... I figured I'd start a thread...! Happy Birthday "G"
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    Funny Videos...

    Everyone post the funniest videos they can find on this thread to give something to do!
  15. Zink

    Cool Bands For Begginer Guitar Tabs

    Anyone know any cool bands with fairly easy guitar playing? Prefferably blues, ska, punk, ska-punk, that blues-rock that's not quite R&B, Led Zeppelin type stuff but easier to play, or R&B.
  16. Zink

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    Nothing beats ol' Monty. I know so many people who hate it though.
  17. Zink

    Cool Radio Station (online) First on I've ever liked... First one that's actually ever worked for me... Anyone else heard ofit.use it before I've ever heard the name...?
  18. Zink

    Istothehalfabee--Weird Musician... Weird song, more where that came from...
  19. Zink

    Reno 911

    Anyone gonna see the movie? It looks funny. Seeing on Friday if I can. Little brothers are a bit of a setback...
  20. Zink

    DAoC--Rewind Servers

    Anyone played on them yet? I just heard (and waddaya know from this site) and would consider switching back if they are good. WoW SUCKS.