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  1. R. Cruadaolich

    Sci-Fi Help - Forgot the name of the greatest Sci-Fi book I ever read!

    Can't recall the name of the greatest sci-fi book I ever read. I read it in Asia in 1989. Probably an American author; Takes place largely in NYC in early 21st century. Heroes are an authentic rock and roll band who insist on creating their own music even though "The Charts" are dominated by...
  2. R. Cruadaolich

    Sci-Fi Search for Book Title/Author

    No, I read the book while working in Asia in 1989; I think it was a fairly recently published book. The setting of the story was in NYC, in the first part of 21st century. It was a time when the masses of unemployed people were fed kibble behind barbed wire fences in order to allow them to...