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    Is there a new episode next week?

    I don't recall the announcer guy saying, "Next Wednesday on an all new Lost..." The episode next week looks like a rerun of that Sayid one.
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    1.12 Whatever the Case May Be

    Has anyone seen the promo yet? First off, it looks GREAT. Pulled this off from lost-media forums: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The preview starts out with Charlie saying : "We're stranded on an island, noone is coming for us..." The voice over guy: "The new episode EVERYONE's been waiting for..."...
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    It's official, Kirsten Dunst has ruined tennis for me! She's star of the freaking movie with Paul Bettany! ARrrrrggg...quit giving her movie roles please! She already ruined Spider-man, no need to go THAT low! :angry:
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    Next Action Star

    it looks interesting so far. has anyone else watched it? tell me what you think
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    Van Helsing

    anyone else heard of it? i can't wait to see it! :reallyexcited: darnit i spelled the name wrong... :unsure:
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    Syd's Sister

    THE FOLLOWING IS A CASTING SPOILER! Highlight to read: <!--spoilerbs--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>SPOILER </td></tr><tr><td id='SPOILER'><!--spoilerbe-->I was flipping through a TV guide mag. at a Target store and it says that Mia...
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    Resident Evil: Apocalypse / 9/04

    regardless of what people think about the first movie, i still thought it was decent. n/ewayz, they're making a sequel connecting into where the first movie left off. and i am soooooooo excited. more news from Sony Pictures:
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    Politics Is Killing Justifiable?

    hey, i'm doing newspaper article for my school and i needed some opinions and insight. feel free to say state your thoughts. it would be really helpful! ^_^
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    need suggestions...thinking of buying it....sorry if i'm speaking in monotone!
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    -->newbie alert!<---

    hey yall i'm new here, and well have nothing else to say, so bye!