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    Sci-Fi Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (ABC) (Avengers Spinoff)

    While, it may be true that a movie budget is going to leave "far more icing for the cake", that's still not an excuse to put an inferior product on television. Take The Walking Dead, for instance, that show has had it's budget cut, it's cycled through multiple show runners and yet the show is...
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    Sci-Fi Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (ABC) (Avengers Spinoff)

    Personally, I am a huge comic book guy. Most of the Marvel movies I've found to be very enjoyable. That being said, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does not live up to the standards of said movies. It is very boring and not very well executed in my opinion.
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    What are some things you strongly believe will happen?

    SPOILER ALERT. Given the new development of Carol being banished from the group by Rick, my prediction is the spinoff due out within the next year or so will feature Carol as one of the central characters of that show. Any thoughts?
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    Horror Worst Zombie movie you have ever seen?

    I like the majority of Romero's zombie movies, but I have to agree Survival of the Dead was pretty darn terrible. Another zombie movie that was equally bad would have to be Undead.
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    Walking Dead renewed for a fifth season

    No surprise. Truly is the best show on TV.
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    Who will die in Season 4

    I like the Hershel character, but I think he might get killed off this season, and possibly Sasha. Would like to see the Governor character killed off by the hands of the awesomely cool Michonne. Kind of seems that's the direction the show is taking.... a showdown some time this season...
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    Horror World War Z

    My wife and I just checked this one out on DVD. Not a bad movie. Seemed like Pitt lacked emotion when dealing with his character's family. Then again, maybe that was the actor's way of conveying his character was shifting gears into a "taking care of business" mode without letting his...
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    Episode 1 - thoughts? (possible spoilers)

    Unfortunately, Clara had some unfinished business. She was just 8 heads shy of breaking Joe Pesci's record. :wacky:
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    Episode 1 - thoughts? (possible spoilers)

    Good opening episode. Liked the fact that it seemed like life was calming down for Rick and his group. Of course, with the developments that took place, we know that any sense of "normal" life will not last for long.
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    Favorite horror author?

    It's a no brainer for me: King is the modern master. Poe's work is also interesting, but King's body of work touches all the bases: suspense, terror, drama and touches of humor.
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    It's cominggggg bAAAaaccckkk

    I too would like to see more of the zombies again. I think we might see more from the Gov. Although not hoping for this, I predict Hershel will be killed off.
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    Office Soda Machine

    Too bad it died!! It is a cool looking machine. I think the retro look for appliances, furniture, etc. is one of the better marketing strategies that manufactures have utilized. In my own mind, I also have a sense of nostalgia, even if the actual time period being depicted is before my time...
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    Which do you prefer?

    Being a fan of comics in general and an artist myself, I respect and appreciate what Kirkman, his two artists, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, and the support staff have created in TWD comics. That being said, I am much more partial to the show than the comics. That is probably because I can...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Stones' Gimme Shelter.
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    Horror Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

    Honestly, I did not care much for the first episode. I get the fact writers/producers/cast are trying to put a modern spin on the old tale, which I can accept for the most part. Plus, it looks like the Headless Horsemen is going to be just one piece of the "puzzle". That being said, when did...
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    How do you watch TWD?

    I watch TWD in the comfort of my own home, fresh on AMC. I am ready for my zombie "fix" and can not hardly wait for the new season to begin.
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    Hello All, Looks like I found some more like-minded individuals who enjoy The Walking Dead as much as I do! I am honored to be a part of your community. I will do my very best to fit in and be a voice of value and interest among the different personalities and opinions found in this forum...
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    Aliens UFO - Have you ever seen one?

    I have not seen a UFO, however, the dad of one of my friends claims that he was stopped at railroad tracks out on a country road, waiting for a train to finish passing by, when a bright object passed overhead way above. Apparently, it seemed to be moving much faster than any jet would travel...
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    Welcome to both of you, Silas and SpanishMill! You'll like this forum and there are a lot of great people here.
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    What have you seen recently?

    Yesterday, I watched the 2006 documentary, The Sci-Fi Boys, which was one of the better docs I've ever watched. It was basically about how modern film directors, make-up masters (such as Peter Jackson, John Landis, Rick Baker, and others) were greatly influenced by Forrest Ackerman's magazine...