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  1. Tim

    Solar powered weapon in action

    The idea of unfurling solar panels in orbit to collect power and then beam down to Earth has been suggested many a time. This sort of power has risks if used as a weapon though, and the communications link to it must be 100$ secure to avoid it being hacked and used for destruction (if not used...
  2. Tim

    Solar panel belt around moon: green power gets expensive? It's a big mass just sitting there, prone to rock strikes but....just sitting there. However, all the material needed is a planning nightmare. Is the...
  3. Tim

    If only they'd kept Jar Jar's death scene in

    I'm sure all of us would have been a mite happier!
  4. Tim

    Conspiracy Chris Hadfield ejected from theatre First Madonna was ejected from a theatre for texting, not Chris Hadfield for muttering, laughing and then letting one off during a 'difficult' scene. (note: spoof meter activated)
  5. Tim

    Politics Army of volunteer mowers needed - apply within

    Strapping men with manual lawnmowers Ladies in dresses with parasols handing out home made lemonade Kids playing with stick and hoop Might as well have some fun in the interim.
  6. Tim

    The watch that tells your time of death (Kickstarter) Looks like they want to get in before anyone else releases...
  7. Tim

    Aliens Russia admits troops not ready to fight aliens Quite a valid question actually. If you're looking outwards and have a military wing, then what exactly do you expect them to train for.......except stopping humans getting in and damaging/stealing your equipment.
  8. Tim

    Vin Diesel singing "Stay" from Rihanna

    I see his repertoire is increasing:
  9. Tim

    Sci-Fi Straw Dalek from Doctor Who
  10. Tim

    Sci-Fi B5 actors FB fan pages

    The best space opera of all time (for the oldies at least.) Follow the actors in their lives via FB:
  11. Tim


    A friend is building a Stormtrooper suit from kit form. Feel free to follow his path as he sweats over removing sproo and making it a suitable end product for Conventions.
  12. Tim

    BBC (UK) close down 3DTV 'trial'

    Looks like it failed to take off then! We'll have to see in the future when the next technology comes out for use in the home.
  13. Tim

    Comedy R.I.P.D.

    This one looks good, even though there's a lot of trolling bad reviews/predictions going round on the net. Comparisons to Men in Black might be made too.
  14. Tim

    Politics The importance of knowing are from were

    Barring the update comment to the Hollywood Reporter when those proficient with the English language pointed out the obvious.....Well, time will tell.......
  15. Tim

    Search for E.T. to commence

    Urban myth has it that at a landfill site in New Mexico, Atari bulldozed and then poured cement onto an entire Xmas sales worth of unsold game cartridges One of my friends actually bought this game. I remember playing it and thinking how...
  16. Tim

    Andy Kaufman seen alive and well in new Mexico?
  17. Tim

    Sci-Fi Babylon 5 - fan made audio drama continuation

    I'm not entirely sure how the copyright is going on this, but a group have been creating audio dramas continuing on with the B5 storyline.
  18. Tim

    Politics Fandom gets serious Blasters vs sonic screwdrivers. But the police found no evidence after they visited. Guess what goes on at conventions, stays at conventions :)
  19. Tim

    The Dyden Experiment (Creative Commons)

    Artists working together to create a more involved future.
  20. Tim

    Space "Fireball" crosses over the UK BBC reporting with a video, suggesting most likely debris from Haleys Comet. So, no triffids then!