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    Borg Vs. The Empire from Star Wars

    Who would win in a war: the Borg or the Empire from Star Wars? I think it would be a close fight. Anyhow, take care and may the Force be with you. Sayanara David . :xwing:
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    Does anyone here read classics?

    I am going to finnish reading a number of classics in preparation for classes that I am going to take eventually. I just got back to "King Lear" By Bard- aka Shakepeare. I will also get back into "The Iliad" of Homer. Now that the currrent semester is over at this very lousy school:banghead...
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    New Member just join the site

    Question :help: How do I change my avatar and profile information? Please reply someone. Thank you. David :darkside: :xwing: :ufo: :r2d2: :vader: :cylon: :borg2:
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    Does anyone like the Aliens movies or books?

    Does anyone like the Aliens movies or books?:ufo: