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    Title: Chimera Author: Dita Rating: R (violence, sex, mentions of suicide attempts) Ship: Sydney/Sark Timeline: Post-Telling in the distant, murky AU future. S3? Nope, never happened in this fic. Genre: Look, ma, no angst. This is as close to fluffy as Sarkney ever gets. Not really angst; I’d...
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    Eric Bana

    I can't believe there's not a foum topic for the darling of my heart, Eric Bana. Not only is he incredibly good-looking, but he's a great actor with actual talent. Now how often do those two actually coincide in Hollywood?? Not very often, so I thought I'd start a thread for other Eric lovahs...
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    Title: Catalyst Author: Dita Rating: R (excessive sex, violence, mentions of suicide and drug use) E-mail: Timeline: Very, very much AU. Post-Telling; during Sydney’s missing two years. Ship: (because I heart my ‘ships) Julia/Simon Summary: Julia and Simon...
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    Season 5 Alias: What Will Happen

    This appeared in my local newspaper this morning. It's a write up about Alias and kind-of spoiler-ish, so I thought I'd post it here. ^_^ I'm not going to put it in spoiler tags because we're in a spoiler forum and if you DON'T want to be spoiled for the finale and S4, then don't read...
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    Title: Façade Author: Dita Ship: The Good ship Lollipop. No, just kidding.  Sark and Sydney. Situation: Post Telling; Takes place after Sydney’s inspirational little phone conference with Vaughn in ep 17. Obviously, in an alternate universe (doesn’t that sound so scary and sci fi??)...
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    Heart in Exile

    Author: Dita E-mail: Title: Heart in Exile Rating: This part is PG-13, 15 + overall (for sex, drug use, swearing, violence) Spoilers: None. Disclaimers: The general concept of the NW, unfortunately, does not belong to me but instead to L.J. Smith. I’m just...