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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    yeah that red shpere thingie... does it look familar????? kinda reminds me of end of season 1 start of season 2 that really big red ball that explodes and nealry drowns vaughn????
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    Season 5 Rate Alias: The Complete Series

    Alias is No.1 will be my number 1 show forever...... lost, desperate housewives, the o,c, house, greys anatomy, medium, 24 there all great shows toooo, but they dont compare to ALIAS..... and the passion that i have for this show..... never missed an episode, never wanted tooooo, never...
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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    1. did they even explain the power of the horizon at all??? 2. did the horizon give Sloane enternal life???? 3. what about the prophecy pg 47, did they really explain that, after puttin emphasis on it again at the end of the series. 4. why didnt Tom and Racheal hook up when they had the...
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    Season 5 Thank you for five incredible years

    i rekon that it was smart of them writing thank you for 5 incredible years...... its there way of basically saying thankful for all there loyal fans out there who have watched and followed alias religiously........ in my opinion it was very sad, and it was like a hit of reality that alias is...
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    Season 5 SAD

    i know for sure that im gonna cry when i watch the last episode of alias! its too emotional, my fav show which ive watched loyally for 5 years is gone, no more sydeney and vaughn, no more sydeny being angry at sloane, no more sydney kicking ass, and no more wicked twists from jj abz :(
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    Season 5 5.14 Title

    frack u all, stop frken baggin the names of the episodes. im sick of reading about people complaining abt alias n wen i her ppl say the last season is felgercarb. NO ITS NOT felgercarb its frken awsome. comon guys appreciate what we have to watch b4 it ends, otherwise its gonna be tooo late. cuz its never...
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    Season 5 So Much Violence

    im so f****n pissed off and the deaths in this episode, i know its da last season and alll, but commonnn NADIA not NADIA for god sakes kill Sloane that ugly prick of an bastards asss... argghhhh then they kill Renae, why couldnt they kill Kelly Paton, even that french dude, but noooooooooo he...
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    Season 5 Death By Glass Shard

    damn u SLOANE DAMN U, i hate hims, he should have died in that episode when we fall through the glass, and now poor helpless nadia has to die instead. jesus i know its the last season and all, but why did they have to kill her off and then Renae and she got slashed in the throat tooo, mb thats...
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    Season 5 in general

    u know what was really funny in this episode was when racheal turns around and goes "um guys............ whos rambaldi" i thought that was a bloody pisser
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    Season 5 Nadia

    i dont care how bummed out Nadia is gonna be when she wakes up, she needs to come back onto the show for the last season comon she is sydneys sister afterall...................... weiss will probally come back tooooo if not she can live wif daddy sloane!!
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    Season 5 She knows it...?!

    yeahs it was kinda obvious i knew it from episode 11 when they were on the plane.........................
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    Season 5 Doubling...

    hey i agree that is so true.... it is all tieing in god i love alias!! i hate u ana bohoooooo
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    Season 5 Irina - how could she?!

    yeahs i rekon your right, she is always gonna be evil has been from the start, for god sake she shoot sydney in season 2.... but its nearly the end, and mb she is gonna really help sydney! well i hope so anyways, because she might only be on peytons side to help stop what ever thier plans are n...
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    Season 5 I'll take care of it.

    ohh btw i just quickly watched the first ep of the seson when vaughn supposdly dies, jack is there nd when syd leaves the room and jack is standing there, they are just looking at each other but sydney is not crying both her and jack only look sad..... if he had really died syd would have no...
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    Season 5 I'll take care of it.

    yeahs sydney knew on the areoplane she was like dad............. and then jack replies ill take care of it and syd looked peaceful and they were talking abt how the baby had vaughns eyes....... then all of suden it goes to where vaughn is staying with the monk n he tells vauhn he has dauhter. it...
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    Season 5 Sydney & Jack

    i belive that jack and syd both knew that vaughn was alive, it is so obvious at the end of the episode in the areoplane: syd: she has vaughns eyes jack: yeah she does syd: dad........... (looks at jack like he should now wat she is thinking) jack: (nodding his head, looking hppy, but sad...
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    Season 5 New set pictures

    got it sorry lol, so confused seen the episodes but i still didnt figure that out, i think im gonna watch episode 9 again b4 i get episode 10, i live in australia and i have to dl them
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    is vaughn coming back from the dead???
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    Season 5 New set pictures

    is vaughn dead or alive some1 just please answer me.... im so totally confused its not funny
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    Season 5 Spoiler about Character Death in Alias

    i think there totally gonna kill sydney off..... come on its the last season what do they have to loose, if not her then probally Jack and maybe irina will kill jack or irina will kill sydney JUST A QUESTION why are people saying dont kill vaughn, didnt he die in the start of the season like...