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  1. Aliascharmed


    Friday 2 Guns opens
  2. Aliascharmed

    The Wolverine

    Good movie not sure how the Marvel fans will feel about the Silver Samurai and Wolverine fight
  3. Aliascharmed

    Who is your favourite character

    Booth of course, but besides him and Dr. B I would say Angela she's pretty awesome and entertaining.
  4. Aliascharmed

    Sci-Fi Continuum (SyFy)

    Also has Vicotr Webster from Charmed and Mutant X. He's is never a bad reason to watch a show either.
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    Drama The Following

    The Following did great to get you hooked. Now the problem maybe it is on FOX so we'll see if it get's cancelled.
  6. Aliascharmed

    How do you like it so far?

    True blood definitely takes time to get into, but once you give it a real shot you dive all the way in. However I think the current season 6 and last season 5 is going down hill a bit.
  7. Aliascharmed

    Season 3 Quotes

    Vaughn – Okay, Listen to me. There’s something you need to know. When you first walked into my office with that stupid Bozo hair, I thought you were crazy. I thought you might actually be a crazy person. But I watched you and, I read your statement, and I've seen how you work, I've seen how you...
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    You might be an alias fan if...

    You know your a fan when you get an Alias tattoo...
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    character elimination

    Save: Sydney Kill:Lauren Sydney : 16+1=17 Vaughn : 17 Jack : 18 Sloane : 12 Irina : 16 + 1= 17 Nadia : 15 Lauren : 11 - 1 = 10 Sark : 14 Peyton : 15 McKenas Cole: 15 Katya : 15 Rachel : 14 Tom : 16 Renée : 14