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    Ooh Aah

    Ooh Ah Author: ASIOagent Entry for the worst of the worst fanfic competition. (Maybe I should enter Dice instead…) Disclaimer: Not mine. All JJ. EDIT: The competition cloooosed yesterdaaay! *stomp* Oh well, I'm keeping it. I can always refer to it when ima feeling ticked off with my writing...
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    :wave: Heya guys! Another fic to terrorize you poor souls with! :teehee: Dice Disclaimer: Don’t own it. Never have, never will. Summary: Sydney Bristow is far from normal. So is Michael Vaughn. That doesn’t mean they’re friends. Sydney’s seventeen, Michael’s nineteen, and Bill and “Laura”...
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    Fable Author : Me (ASIOagent) Disclaimer : Not mine, not now, not ever. So this one day, I was sitting at home, thinking about my comfort zones and how much I love my fluff... so, this stupid idea came when Gis leant me her muse, Tubby because mine had gone walkabout... so I guess this is for...
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    Downloading programs

    Hi guys! I just got a new computer and I'm looking for a downloading program that will not muddle up my computer like Kazzaa did... any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    When it's over

    When it's over Author- ASIOagent (Greer/Gruggles when evil) Disclaimer: I own nothing related to alias (except for the DVDs) I wish I did so I could fix up the sorry state of the show. With that said I always hear their looking for investors… Cheer's to secretlives for this awesome wallpaper...