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    This is a story that I had the idea for a while ago, and I just realized that it'd work well for an fanfic. Title: Parallels Author: BESTSHOWONTV Rating: PG-13 Ships: S/V, and I may do some W/N. Possibility of some J/I, but I'm not sure yet. Beta: vartansgurl4lf Summary: Sydney's almost...
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    Love and War (Sequel to Always Be Prepared)

    Because this story is the sequel to Always Be Prepared, I am posting the last chapter of it here before the new chapter comes. <span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 35 Vaughn stood in front of the mirror trying his hardest to tie the bow tie correctly. Sydney walked in barely...
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    Always Be Prepared

    Title: Always be Prepared Author: BESTSHOWONTV or Brian, whatever you prefer. This story is AU. I had the idea for a while that if Allison had simply declined the ice cream, the Alias story line would be quite different. Since this is AU, some major changes will occur, but I will try to keep...
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    This story picks up where the Bioweapon left off. Sydney just activated the Sphere of Life, resurrecting everyone that she has ever had physical contact with. I plan to bring back some characters that aren't dead, too. I hope you enjoy this story. I would also recommend reading the Bioweapon...
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    The Bioweapon

    Here are Chapters 1 and 2. I have already posted a good majority of this story at, so in order to catch up, I might post 2 chaps a day until I get caught up here. The Bioweapon France Sydney was running. She saw a door to the stairs. The goons behind her were closing in. One yelled...