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    Hey this thread is for all you FUTURAMA fans out there! I love the show and have all the seasons on DVD. I dare say that it is even better than the Simpsons (although Simpsons is pretty much a classic now). My favourite characters at the moment are Fry, Hermes, and the Professor. I just love...
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    Best Books in the World / Favorite Books

    One of my all time favourites is Tom Clancy's "RAINBOW SIX". It's the best Tom Clancy novel i've read. Another one of my favourites is in the non-fiction category and it's called: The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris. It gives you a very good insight into the evolutionary behaviour of human beings...
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    The DaVinci Code Discussion

    I though that the Davinci Code was very cool! I liked it alot! Dan Brown is up there on my favourites list now and i plan to read Angels and Demons. Oh yeah, btw, did anyone else who read the Davinci Code keep thinking that Teabing's name was Teabag? Well, i did. LOL! Everytime i read his name...
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    Season 1 Rate - Spirit

    This episode, in my opinion, is awesome!!! I would say that it was one of the best ALIAS episodes and i say that because the ending was great and the suspense for the viewer was relieved in the next episode when Jack and Sydney team up and kick Hassan's ass. I got so excited when Jack Bristow...
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    How close to reality is ALIAS?

    MsKateJones said: "As for the missions, they wouldn't be s much fun to watch if they were true to life." You're absolutely right about that!
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    How close to reality is ALIAS?

    Although i cannot firmly establish whether ALIAS is a good example of how real spies live their lives, i consider the show to be edgy enough to be quite real. I would guess that missions may take longer to plan and carry out in real life and that only a super-spy could get out of as many...
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    Politics What's wrong with Religion these days?

    Cinder said: religion used to be a means to control society like in elizabethan times, kings could say, i have the divine rigfht etc, ppl were puppets for authority and would be good citizens if they believed in all this stuff, u can put it back to the beginning of humans, in my eyes its a way...
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    Politics What's wrong with Religion these days?

    I think that the decline of religion in modern society is the result of many inter-related factors but the one i see as most potent is that of money. To be more precise, capitalism and big business. Now don't get me wrong, I am not out to trash capitalism or big business but it just seems to me...