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  1. LatinumHeart

    Sci-Fi Favorite Type of Sci Fi

    I love Space Opera. Time Travel....."sara, conner? Yessss? BOOM!" lol and of course Cyperpunk (had no idea it was called that) but whatever it is I loved Blade Runner!
  2. LatinumHeart

    Hatfields & McCoys

    I am watching it Kevin! Very interesting indeed! I didn't realize how much of a bloody feud it was. Just a background to those that haven't watched it, (I realize Kevin posted a link but sometimes you just want to see someone's view with cute little comments, hee, hee) from what I understand...
  3. LatinumHeart

    Sci-Fi Star Trek Vacation

    Hello everyone! I am in the midst of watching some Star Trek the Next Generation, and I as I am watching the Captain's Holiday, (where Jean-Luc Picard visits Risa) and I was wondering, would anyone like to visit Risa? And bring a horgon? lol Also, I was also wondering, how come with a...
  4. LatinumHeart

    What have you seen recently?

    Oh yeah and the Dictator! HAHA what a goofball!
  5. LatinumHeart

    What have you seen recently?

    Avengers here too! Awesome movie!
  6. LatinumHeart

    Sci-Fi Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    I have to say Star Trek. But... I love Star Wars as you can see! But Trek always made me enthusiastic and excited about our future rather than just the fight of good and evil that Star Wars suggests. I have a place in my heart for both.