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    poor syd she needs her vaughn back to make everything alright great chappy thanks for the PM
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    The Weekend

    so damn cute!! and hilarious oh i totally love syd's joking and all three together with weiss! fantasic chapter would have to be my favourite so far! thanks for the PM
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    Wild Horses

    new fic new fic!! totally exciting hmmm i wonder how syd and vaughn are going to get along in each others cultures can't wait to find out can i plz have a pm when you update thanks
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    Not the One

    this was a little differently written but brilliant!! loved it!! if u ever continue it plz pm me
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    awww loved it!! beautiful ending extremely long fic but loved every minute of it!! thanks for all the pm's
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    The Weekend

    so glad that syd is far poor vaughn at least he was able to save her!! totally emotional right now thanks for the pm
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    Secrets and Deception

    damn and here i was thinking she might reveal something!! everytime we get closer to the truth more questions and more problems get in the road. can't wait for more
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    the edge of something new

    hahaha noah is such a jerk!! so glad vaughn beat him up hope noah leaves them alone can't wait for more thanks for the pm
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    The Weekend

    Weiss would make life soo much fun and interesting!! love syd and vaughn together
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    classic!! i totally love the references to syd being pregnant!! so cool they are getting married soon hmm jack was awkward, but at least he tried! can't wait for more
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    the edge of something new

    noah is such an ass!! i can't believe he said those things i hope noah is worse than vaughn!! noah deserved a flogging!! can't wait til friday thanks for the pm
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    The Plan

    yuk i hate danny sooo much!!! vaughn is soooo much better for syd syd need to come to her senses hope she gets rid of danny soon great chapter can't wait for more thanks for the pm
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    What's Love Gotta to do with it?

    aww glad caroyln and brian were able to sort their issues out vaughn and syd are just so damn cute!! love it can't wait for more thanks for the pm
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    The Weekend

    hahaha love jack/irina banter soooo funny! yay syd and vaughn got some time together loving it
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    omg that was hilarious!! i love margie glad vaughn is finally able to talk and syd and vaughn are ok can't wait for more
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    A Second Chance

    aww such a sweet ending! shame it had to end but beautiful ending plz pm me if you write something new
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    the edge of something new

    Have a nice day?? i don't think i can after reading the spoilers very interesting!!
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    awww syddie got to meet vaughns mom vaughn loves syd she just doesn't know it hope jack leaves poor syd and vaughn alone can't wait for more thanks for the pm
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    The Weekend

    classic!! i totally love weiss he is so funny poor syd and vaughn have to live without one another for awhile can't wait for more
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    haha oh weiss is always good! aww poor vaughn he must be in so much pain hope he recovers quickly