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    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Hello there! Ok, I've been thinking about a story like this for awhile, and in this moment of delirium, I decided to write something...</span> Title: Why Summary: Sydney finds a secret that has been long kept in the dark Disclaimer: None of the...
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    need help with another fic!

    ok so i was reading this great story that's season three...ok so the cow and syd were in this car chase(the one that actually happened in the show) ok, so they crashed really bad and vaughn is worried about syd(awww) so does neboodi know what that fic is called? `luckylass
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    please help me

    hi everybodi, i posted this in the fiction lounge, but only 1 person responded, do maybe more pple will respond here. neways, there was this great season 3 fic that i read and completly loost track of...set in season 3, syd moved on with this new transfer ryan...she met him in the CIA's...