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    Graphic Sponsorship: READ HERE

    Name: Jake Team name: Resistance Gaming GB page: Age: 16 Rank: - Game: Call of Duty 4 Contact: (AIM: TH3 MA5T3R247) Additional info: We was ranked 57th before we restarted!
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    C & C First Proper Sig

    Yea im practising all the time now. Trying to get good. :p
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    C & C First Proper Sig

    This is my first proper sig that i actually took time on, took a couple of bits from a tutorial. C/C Please! P.S, I'm rubbish at text!
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    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Choc chip and mint or Vanilla.
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    C & C my "non-anime" tags

    Like Spidey one and the one below it. Keep up the good work.
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    Tutorial Chilled Glow Tutorial

    Nice tut, going to give this one ago.
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    C & C R.i.p.

    Yeah thats nice, i like that! 8/10
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    GFX Adobe Flash CS3

    Look at the tuts in the resources section theres 1 or 2 good ones and search on youtube?
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    Weird Songs

    Rolf Harris - Court of King Caratacus is a weird but funny song.
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    please read

    Mines: II JaKeYzZ x
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    Who told you about EA?

    Rowe told me. <3
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    C & C Quick, Plain Sig

    I know its rubbish and plain and boring but i did it quick, i lost all my fonts etc when i reformatted my pc. Comments, criticism please. Thank you.
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    Team HeLix New Website

    Are any of your teams recruiting?
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    GFX What inspired you to design?

    Well basically, i just got bored at school and started to play around with Photoshop and it all begun there.
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    EAStudios Clan

    Well we could have a clan on all platforms a PS3 EU and NA and a Xbox EU and NA. Also we would play different games. So we could start a Halo clan or a Gears clan aswell.
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    World could end in 9 days

    Exactly lol.
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    Thanks everyone. <3
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    Resources Deltafx fantag OMG!!

    Ill use it later. :p
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    EAStudios Clan

    I know they sponsor people but that doesnt stop us from making a clan aswell does it?
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    World could end in 9 days

    It's not going to blow up the world, just make small black holes.