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  1. nataliethealiasfreak

    BG on Jimmy Kimmel

    did anyone catch BG on jimmy kimmel last night??? i missed it :down: does anyone have it on their computer??
  2. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 5 AOL Preview

    wow, well that was interesting :blink: i really hate the fact that they're trying to dress Rachel up in skanky clothes to replace Syd :huh: but it was funny, Ramandy :lol:
  3. nataliethealiasfreak

    Flight Plan

    It looks like a really good movie! can't wait to see it!
  4. nataliethealiasfreak

    Anyone Meet MV?

    Okay so I'm in LA for the summer and my aunt lives about 20 minutes away from the Disney Lot. So i went to the set the first time last weekend and the security guard said it was a closed set which was a given :P but he was actually really nice about it. He said my best bet was to wait outside...
  5. nataliethealiasfreak

    Happy 22nd Birthday Karin!

    :balloons: :balloons: :heart: :birthday: to the coolest girl on this board!!! :lips: :balloons: :balloons: Board partyyy! i'll bring the :cake: and booze! you guys can bring :gift: ;) *sighs* my widdle Karin is 22 alreadyyyy! *sniff* these kids grow up so fast :cry: :lol:
  6. nataliethealiasfreak

    Dark Water

    so i went to see Dark Water last night with my boyfriend and i couldn't sleep the whole night lol! i'm not a big fan of scary movies but that was the only movie we haven't seen yet lol it was such a freaky movie!! although it was kinda boring until the end, i found the ending really weird though...
  7. nataliethealiasfreak

    2005 Teen Choice Awards

    guys! you gotta go vote for the teen choice awards!! Alias got so many nominations! there's even one for the "best parental unit" and Sloane, Spymom and Spydad got nominated! lol! i found that funny :lol: and Syd and Vaughn were nominated for Best chemistry, and Mia got one for best breakthrough...
  8. nataliethealiasfreak


    I can't believe no one made a thread about the young and the restless yet :o i'm not a big soap opera fan but i am addicted to Y&R now lol only cuz it has more teen stuff now so yes lol omg! it was so sad when Cassie died!! poor girl! :cry: i really hope they catch Daniel, he's such a loser...
  9. nataliethealiasfreak

    Photoshop help

    hey guys! ok so i just got photoshop cs a month ago and everything's fine so far but i still dunno how to make a moving sig.... like i know i have to do it on ImageReady but i don't know how, can anyone help me???
  10. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 4 AOL Promo

    omg! Nadia!!! that was intense! i was waiting for Syd to jump off the train haha and the lil talk spymom had with vaughn was cute :lol:
  11. nataliethealiasfreak

    Anyone got one?

    does anyone have a niece or a nephew??? i have 2 nieces and a nephew.... and last night, i got a new niece :) she's so tiny and cute! *sighs* lol Anyhoo.... do you guys ever have to babysit them... alot! i thought this could be a good thread to whine and nag about it :P
  12. nataliethealiasfreak

    grrrr! this is annoying!

    So i got this new internet a few days ago and ever since then i can't go on and i dunno why :( people say the site is working so i'm guessing it's my new internet..... but it's just for that specific site, anyone know why?
  13. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 4 AOL Promo

    oh my gawd!!! this promo was definately cut at every part but it was still really intense! poor spydaddy has gone crazy :(
  14. nataliethealiasfreak

    Politics Have you ever?

    hey guys.... i just came back from visiting my best friend's grave and i never saw a topic about this issue so i thought i'd bring it up..... Well death has never really been a part of my life until November 8th, 2002 when my best friend Kailie died in a car accident along with her dad and baby...
  15. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 4 AOL Promo

    OMG!!! :o eventhough most scenes were from old eppies, this looks so intense!!!!! the truth finally comes out!! so i'm guessing it's about Nadia and Syd's mother....hmmmm..... :ponder: this is gonna get me thinking all week lol
  16. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 4 AOL Promo

    whoa! the promo looks intense!!! i would freak if i was inside that elevator!
  17. nataliethealiasfreak

    Season 4 New AOL Promo

    k whoa! Vaughn's getting a lil too desperate to find out about his dad....i mean i can understand he wants answers but uhh...from the promo, it looks like he's ready to stop anyone who gets in his way...... tisk tisk!!
  18. nataliethealiasfreak

    *clears throat*...

    Hey guys!! I just joined a few days name's Natalie and i live in Toronto, Canada....anyone from here? lol anywayz....i've been an Alias fan since S2 but I had to get the first season on dvd cuz i was soooo lost :P Since then, Alias and Jennifer Garner have been my life lol...