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    Garner talks with USAToday about Alias' run

    Please see USAToday for entire article, no spoilers (unless you count "storylines wrapped up" as a spoiler ;)). Excerpt:
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    Abrams: No Alias movie

    From Sci Fi Wire:
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    Abrams on Alias, Lost finales

    From zap2it:
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    Maestro on her Alias return

    From zap2it:
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    ABC reveals details of Alias & Lost finales

    From Sci Fi Wire:
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    Alias turns 100; Garner & Pinkner discuss

    From zap2it:
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    Alias and Lost going broadband

    From zap2it:
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    Alias Return + Finale Dates

    Alias will finish its five-year run on ABC with its series finale Monday, May 22. As previously reported, Alias will return with two-hour show at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, April 19. Thanks to member Alias_Gay.
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    ABC finally announces Alias' return

    From zap2it:
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    Alias rumored to be looking a shortened season

    From Sci Fi Wire: Please note before panicking that this is not yet an official announcement.
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    Alias casting spoiler, ep 100

    If you want to know: (from Sci Fi Wire)
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    Alias rumored to be looking at spring return

    From Sci Fi Wire:
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    Alias awaiting return slot

    From zap2it:
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    Acker becomes regular

    From Sci Fi Wire: Note: This must mean she's no longer attached to The Unit . . . ;)
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    Info from Nichols about possible returning characters

    From Sci Fi Wire:
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    Maestro's hopes for Nadia's role

    From Sci Fi Wire:
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    Operation Alias

    This is not directly Alias news but I thought people might be interested to join the fun. A community has been started on the Live Journal Communities to celebrate Alias as we watch our favourite show come to an end. People can sign up to participate or simply visit to see the daily work...
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    JJ to direct the finale (?)

    FROM ASK AUSELLIO (taken from alias media) Ausiello: "Get this: I'm leaving TV Guide's Globes bash and who should I bump into but my favorite TV titan of all time, J.J. Abrams, who informs me that his wife gave birth to their third child, son August, seven days ago. (No, that's not the big...
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    5.11 Title

    We've posted the title for Season 5 Episode 11.
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    2006 Preview

    Yesterday, we looked back at the events of 2005 with our 2005 Year in Review, and today we are looking ahead to the year that has just begun. Here are the top 5 things the Team is looking forward to in 2006: End of Alias – of course, we’re not really looking forward to this. But we...