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    C & C Gift to a friend

    Real good, i think its your best too =)
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    C & C 3 new ones

    Can you send me the psd for the second one? It's sexy
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    C & C Ffxiii

    I did loads
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    C & C Ffxiii

    be gentle :o
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    C & C Abs, what?

    I dont like colours either looks too contrasted dont really like it
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    C & C [PS: Sigs] "My SigWalls: Stampatures"

    Love the britney spears sig v nice
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    C & C Sprite =)

    Dont really smudge or do many sprite sigs much So ye but i like the outcome cnc
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    C & C LP - Lost In Flames

    that's sick mate gj i lost my DA pass sowwy
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    C & C Smoker

    the flow is good on left side focal is kinda bad tbh and no flow on right of stock. If still a good composition tho
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    FD VerySmall

    Firefox>IE lol it's way faster and it has way more option and security settings
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    C & C funbags

    just for haxorz meh
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    C & C GRAW Vertical

    2nd is great goodjob
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    GFX Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    nice sigs ubi i think render/stock could be better blended in 1st
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Mitchell Brothers - Solemate
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    GFX moo

    Or is it... Look closer
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    GFX moo

    and v2
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    GFX moo

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    GFX Fanas Going Down

    sxy mate, i prefer ur old style tho
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    GFX I can ride my bike with no handlebars

    I did but the dark orange was bad :/ And thankyou. Can you change my name for Cartilage to Sam?