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  1. J

    C & C First Proper Sig

    This is my first proper sig that i actually took time on, took a couple of bits from a tutorial. C/C Please! P.S, I'm rubbish at text!
  2. J

    C & C Quick, Plain Sig

    I know its rubbish and plain and boring but i did it quick, i lost all my fonts etc when i reformatted my pc. Comments, criticism please. Thank you.
  3. J

    World could end in 9 days

    Boffs out there are trying to find out how the world was made and they have created a machine that cost 4.4BN Pounds and its 300ft underground. Scientists believe it will destroy the world if they use it. Proof: Click Here
  4. J

    EAStudios Clan

    This idea may have already been brought to discussion but im thinking that we could make a EAStudios COD4 clan? Just an idea, post thoughts and if you'd join or not?
  5. J


    Heyyyyy, Jake's in the houseeeee!