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    A Star With No Name

    *author's note* This fic is based in information I found at the CIA's official website, and is dedicated to the one and only Spy Daddy, Jack Bristow. He will live forever in our hearts. A STAR WITH NO NAME At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on the north wall of...
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    The Other Side

    *author's note* Jack's part in the series finale, my way! :D *Author's note* The series finale, my way! THE OTHER SIDE “Nadia, no!’ Don’t leave me!” Nadia gave her father a sad smile. “There is nothing I can do for you. I can, however, help another.” She turned her back and disappeared...
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    Politics Civil Disobedience or Betrayal?

    I couldn't make it to Washington for the anti-war rally yesterday, but I did go to one here. One of the speakers was a Viet Nam vet and anti-war activist by the name of Carl Rising-Moore. He basically breaks federal law by helping AWOL soldiers who do not want to go back to Iraq to escape to...
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    Lord of War

    Nicholas Cage stars as an international arms dealer. He think that what his customers do with his wares once they buy them is their problem, not his. He finds out different. This one is definitely going to join my collection when it comes out on DVD.
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    Operation Anthropoid

    *Author's note and brief history lesson* I got the idea for this fic from a documentary I saw a while back on the History Channel about the infamous Nazi Reinhard Heydrich, aka "the Hangman of Prague." On May 27, 1942, He was assassinated by members of the Czech Resistance. He was the only...
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    Proceed As You Will

    PROCEED AS YOU WILL “Here you go, Agent Bristow.” The mail clerk handed Jack a small manila envelope with his name handwritten on it and stamped in red, “EYES ONLY.” “Thanks, Cal. Close the door on your way out, will you?” As soon as Cal was gone, Jack locked the office door, sat back down...
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    Uncovering "Alias": An Unofficial Guide

    I found this book at Borders today. It has lots of great pictures, bios of the characters and cast, and great episodes synopses from all three seasons. Check it out! :D
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    Victor was cast as Lord Mountbatten in a docudrama about the tragic battle of Dieppe of WWII, and here is the result: Victor in Dieppe Yummy! :reallyexcited:
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    Politics Outrageous! Somebody please explain this to me. :huh:
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    Politics Will They Ever Trust Us Again?

    I visited my favorite bookstore today, and came home with a shocking surprise: Michael Moore has just published a book of letters and e-mails he has received from the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. All have been published with permission, and some are anonymous. Be prepared...
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    Politics Skewed Intelligence

    Can you say, "smoking gun?" :rolleyes: Skewed Intelligence
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    Politics Thinking of Enlisting?

    You might want to think again. And while you're at it, see the classic movie "All Quiet on the Western Front."
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    PROLOGUE Irina's POV; a friend's funeral Jack came home late that night, which was not unusual for him. What was unusual was that he hadn't called. I heard him pull his car into the garage, shut it off, and come into the kitchen. I was at the stove preparing dinner. He had no idea that the...
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    Happy Birthday, Liam Neeson!

    :cheers: to one hunky Irishman! :wub:
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    Here is a copy of an e-mail I got from my sister. Check your computers, folks! I found this virus on my c-drive. Unfortunately a virus has been passed to me through an address book which has infected my address book. Since you are in my address book, you will probably find it in your...
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    Jack Songs

    A TREE TOO WEAK TO STAND by Gordon Lightfoot I see a place where candles burn and lovers rest tonight The hollow sound inside me now keeps telling me to write But songs of love will never leave love's feelings undefiled The tide has turned, the waves roll in, the waters fill my eyes The price...
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    Happy Birthday, Victor!

    Happy 55th, Victor! We love you! :birthday:
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    VG Interview on Star TV

    This is a great interview with our favorite Spy Daddy, courtesy of the "Spanish Appreciation Society." Check it out here.
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    Politics Interesting Newspaper Article

    Here's an article that appeared in a small weekly newspaper we have here. Nothing Patriotic About It What do you think?
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    Kevin Patrick Bristow

    KEVIN PATRICK BRISTOW My father’s name was Jonathan Bristow, but only his parents had ever called him that. Everyone else just called him Jack. He was born here in London, but his father was an American and he moved his family back to his hometown of Chicago when his son was just eight. His...