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    C & C Ffxiii

    be gentle :o
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    C & C Sprite =)

    Dont really smudge or do many sprite sigs much So ye but i like the outcome cnc
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    C & C funbags

    just for haxorz meh
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    GFX moo

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    GFX I can ride my bike with no handlebars

    Tried a new style and i think the outcome is nice Also i need tips on how to make the focal point more obvious, i tried sharpening and blurring but it wasn't good
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    GFX timeshift

    havent made a sig in a while so i did a quick one
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    Resources My Stock PB

    updated regularly
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    GFX Gifty

    Gift for my mate on cg V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8
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    GFX Sotw?

    Might switch my entry for this one
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    GFX Gasmask Again

    Made it better for myself lol.
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    GFX A man wearing a hat infront of clouds

    Exactly what the title says My best?
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    GFX Sprite for Collateral

    Hope you liek it <3
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    GFX Graffiti Collab

    Kinda gay but whatever.
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    GFX Teh bestt

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    GFX Cry Baby :(

    Inspired by Moony
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    Resources First Grunge Brush Set

    Click Image To Download. Just some brushes I made. :) There would have been more but 3 brushes got deleted by accident :( +rep = <3
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    GFX Spacey

    My Best? STOCK:
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    GFX Pen Tool

    Simple but just a scrap
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    GFX Manga

    For the battle vs Haxorz and Collateral.
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    Tutorial Aeon Flux Tutorial

    My first tutorial be nice.