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    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD

    Ok so let me get this straight, there are NO deleted scenes on the season 5 dvd. I'm not just missin em. and 2 is there any way possible to find ne anywhere????? i was so dissapointed that i couldn't find ne it totally ruined tha whole thing for me when i went to watch em and they wheren't...
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    Season 5 'All The Time In The World' Pictures

    just cause her hair is dark brown now doesn't mean it always was, my hair was really blonde when i was that age and now it's really brown. so it doesn't mean anything.
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    Season 5 New set pictures

    He's alive they tried to make it seem like he was dead but he really isn't. got it?
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    Season 5 Does any wonder...

    At first he was livin with Weiss and then later on in tha season he moved in with Syd.
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    Season 5 new ad for return aired tonight!

    hey thanks for tha tip. it lost hasn't come on here yet so i'll be sure to watch it so i can see tha preview. THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Season 5 Spoiler about the season ending!

    Not exactly they're only countin the 2 hour episode when it comes back on as one episode and the 2 hour finale as one episode
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    Season 5 Great Alias news from Kristin (E online forum)

    How do u all think that this is good news????? Alias was supposed to come back tomorrow night and instead we have to wait over another month. and the part that p****s me off tha most is that instead of showing Alias tomorrow they're showing a movie wtf! :bangwall: we're getting screwed and no...
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    Season 5 The Birth

    the ABC web site stills says March
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    Season 5 Ideal ending

    :trampoline: I GOT IT ok this is whats gonna happen. --Jack and Irina have been workin together all along. --Nadia is Jacks daughter but Syd is Sloanes. --Sloane really does have a connectiont to Rambaldi and so does Syd and then her Baby. -- Jack,Sloane,and Irina are all hiding Vaughn without...
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    Season 5 Ideal ending

    That would be gross cause that would be her cousin :puke:
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    Season 5 The Birth

    Ya well don't get to used to those because they're taking them off the air
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    Season 5 maybe vaughn is not dead

    The only rehab that they could possibly have him in that would make any sense what so ever would be physical rehab and that really wouldn't that much sense.
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    Season 5 AOL Preview

    It's not Feb we won't see this episode or any other episode until march :down:
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    Season 5 Special 100th Episode

    If what i'm hearing is right and the 100th episode is the second one after the hiatus then that is when syd has her baby.
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    Season 5 Entertainment Weekly ALIAS news

    Ok I think i said what i was agreeing to wron. I still watch the show every time it's on I just don't like that they killed Vaughn. And I don't think it's as good without him. And i want a HUGE finale. thats all i meant when I said i agreed.
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    Season 5 Entertainment Weekly ALIAS news

    OMFG i totally agree it has to be huge and with Vaughn alive and with Syd.
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    Season 5 Spoiler about the season ending!

    I hope he's alive and with her it would get boring if he was off on his own and she didn't know that he was alive. Thats already happened like twice
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    Season 5 Spoiler about the season ending!

    Will he be alive in those multiple episodes by any chance? :unsure: :unsure:
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    Season 5 Entertainment Weekly ALIAS news

    All that did was confuse the hell out of me :o :o :o :o :o :o :blink: