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    The Series Finale

    I liked it. I actually thought it was better than the alias finale. :heh:
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    Not Pictured

    Yeah that was an incredible twist!! *Sniff* I liked Beaver... I could be reading too much into it, but when Clarence called Duncan, Duncan picked up saying "CW", I know that's the guy's initials, but it's also the name of that new network. And since Clarence said "Done deal", does that mean...
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    Halliwell Manor (Charmed Central)

    I just started watching again. Getting very interesting. :)
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    what do you think of addison?

    I really like her and I don't know why!
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    George's Hair

    Haha, I noticed that as well. Also notice how his hair was starting to resemble Mcdreamy's hair! :lol: I didn't notice George cut his hair though.
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    Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

    Whoa I didn't even know Logan was using Hannah to get back at her dad. I thought he was all flirty because she looked like Veronica. :heh:
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    2.16 It's the End of the World

    26. :) But that also does sound like an expensive DVD to buy.
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    2.16 It's the End of the World

    Ooh, for once I got to see a show when the rest of the country does! What a crazy episode. God, why didn't they just make it a two hour special, that would be heaven. Ahh my eyes were so glued, and I jumped when she took out her hand. And that was very cruel of the anthestigiolist (uhh I...
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    Donut Run

    ^Hmm, at the end? I think Duncan was in Mexico and Veronica was in Neptune still? She was in her room at the end. I loved how Veronica was listening to lots of depressing music after she and Duncan "broke up". It was fun laughing at her dad's reactions. Yay we know what the fortune in the...
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    Popular (Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope)

    Nicole was about to hit Brooke with a car. -_-
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    Episode 1.13 - End of the Tunnel

    The part where Lincoln hit his head against the wall and it transitioned to Michael hitting his head on the wall was a cute habit to watch! I'm gonna hit the back of my head against the wall the next time I'm frustrated too. I do feel bad for Hale, but I feel like he should have known it was...
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    The Numbers win the lottery!

    That's so fascinating. Did anyone win? If so, were any of them Lost fans? :lol:
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    Shipper thread

    Reading that description in the spoiler tags up there makes me want to ship L/S. :laughbounce:
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    Prison Break

    Yeah, Hale will probably get caught before he does something useful, heck he'll just lead the others to Veronica. And I'm wonder why the secret service people don't know that they can just find who they're looking for at the nearest hospital. Unless they don't know Nick is injured... Hmm...
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    Prison Break

    Hmm in way T-Bag kinda keeps the team strong! The team might be more united since they're all hating T-Bag together. Psst, this in no way means I don't want him freed, I hope he gets kicked out.
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    Prison Break

    Yeah, I don't think the shipper thread was up back when I made that post. That's a great excuse right? Does the guy work for the goverment? If she kills the guy she'd be committing a crime and since the higher powers of the goverment is on the guy's side, they can use it against her. She...
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    Prison Break

    Ahaha, I think the relationship between Michael and Sara is fun to watch! It's so entertaining how difficult she's trying to help, yet she has no clue what's going on. Still a bit confused on how the watch fits in with the tape recorder (was that a tape recorder?) but that was so cool...
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    Prison Break

    Haha, no, I meant C-Note, not Abruzzi. :oops: I can see why you'd think Rughead would be Abruzzi! 😆 What is a rughead anyway... *researches* Hehe, ran into a Prison Slang dictionary with lots more terms than the one at the fox site. I wonder when I picked up that term in the show. :ponder:
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    Prison Break

    I like Rughead... he's got all these connections, so coool. But more people in the escape gang gives them a higher chance of getting caught. Gotta make Michael adjust his plan... maybe they'll kick out a member. But I want all the people who are escaping to escape! Except T-bag. Actually he...
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    Prison Break

    :rotflmao: Oh man. It is so fun reading all your reactions. So it looks like Michael wasn't going to tell Abruzzi about Fibonacci in the first place! Now Abruzzi has insurance, but it's just a picture right? That genius can find a way to steal it back. :yes: I guess I'm the only one that...