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    Lucky Charmed

    These days you cannot open an issue of SFX or Dreamwatch without seeing those Charmed girls so I decided to watch it for the first time on Saturday Night on Channel 5 I loved it. Yes it was a bit silly and Im assuming there are better episodes than Lucky Charmed but on the whole it has got me...
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    Lucy and Spirit

    Two fantastic episodes dont you think? First off Lucy was a great story with some good charcter development and was my favourite episode of the season until.... Spirit - WOW! This is perhaps the finest hour of American television I have seen all year. Superb from start to finish. Whats...
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    Hello all

    Hi There I was last week flicking through the TV channels and I come across a show I dont know what is....I watch it for 5 minutes.....30 minutes later Im still there glued to the tv. The show....Alias of course So I went straight on Amazon and ordered the boxsets of season 1 and 2 and they...