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    Have you ever miss-dialed anyone? I have and the person has always been in!. I was only out by 1 number to. Trying to order a take-away.
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    Auto Videos

    Is it me or do them sites that have the auto play videos really annoying? Just blasting my music away in my head phones and went onto a website and some dude starts talking and im like "what the hell!"
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    Your average day

    From monday to sunday what do you do daily? Well i used to work monday to friday and see my son weekends. But as i don't work now im all over the place.
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    Close friends

    Is there someone you can trust with your life then another friend? I would have to say i trust my ex, since splitting up were still very close
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    What made you happy today?

    Launching the revamp of my website.
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    Your Name?

    My names lee, Im from uranus. haha. I kid.
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    im 21 and my birthday is 7th nov.
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    C & C My sigs

    I done my sigs only last night, I also have a matching avatar which ill upload later :)
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    Web Stuff Your Web Host

    I currently have a resellers account with which hosts my own web hosting site. Uk based hosting. I would reccomend to anyone thinking of getting hosting. I also offer webhosting.
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    Web Stuff Free Web Hosting

    Free hosting is rubbish, Ive never used it since ive been using the internet. Nor will i use it or offer it from my own hosting site.
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    Web Stuff Domain Names do you own?

    Thanks, Im still in the middle of that one as one page is not finished which it really needs to be done as it explains how to get my hosting.
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    Web Stuff Domain Names do you own?

    I have 3 -,,
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    Hello All

    Thanks alot.
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    I heard about it coming out, Then i heard about the bugs and thought no more about it. I may read up on it when most the bugs are fixed.
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    Hello All

    Hello all im lee and im new. :D