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    Season 5 React: No Hard Feelings

    i thought the episode was great but i am still confused as heck about how they are going to wrap up everything in 2 hours.
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    Season 5 React: I See Dead People

    i think (i know) that vaugh knew that wasn't sydney as soon as he saw her, i mean anna's reaction to vaughn was just so lukewarm it was crazy and honestly how could he have let on he knew before he did, he didn't know what was really going on with syd and who had or what so he couldn't blow his...
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    Season 5 React: 30 Seconds

    besides being totally pissed that the woke up nadia only to kill her 15 min later, and then renee gets her neck sliced, i'm just so confused as to what is going on and i have no idea how they are going to clear everything up in just 3 more episodes. and my god if they have vaughn kissing anna...
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    Season 5 React: There's Only One Sydney Bristow

    the best part of the episode imo was the babysitters, that was classic :D i liked will coming back (i love bradley cooper) but to me it seemed forced and with only 5 episodes left, they need to get the story moving, because now i'm more confused than ever about what prophet 5's real agenda is...