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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    I really think that everyone is just very nervous about how this is going to play out because bottomline these are some major changes to the format of alias new characters, episodes w/out Jen, a baby, etc. it could definitely have a major pay off or it could be disastrous. I'm optimistic...
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    Season 5 Character leaving the show?

    Well I went to check out what Kristin said in her chat and she said (From eonline): "From CameronBarrett: What is happening with Alias? I've been asked by someone very near and dear to please "just let the story unfold," so I'm buttoning my lip for a bit." While I don't really trust Kristin...
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    Vaughn: "My name's not ....."

    Hi guys I'm new here but I just had to find an Alias board this whole Vaughn being evil thing is driving me nuts. I definitely agree that this involves her being the chosen one... I just keep trying to remember things that were said during the episode (i don't know what I was thinking when I...