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    iPad is horrible and a stupid device if anyone buys it! Don't waste your money on a big iPod Touch!
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    Web Stuff Post2Host?

    I wouldn't ever trust those, plus you make more money with actually selling the server space. Or, what you can do is make it so people can post to host (have to make a certain amount every month) and than allow them to upgrade. I would make them have advertisements maybe too for the post 2 host...
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    Web Stuff Reseller Hosting?

    I wouldn't want to do it, to much work to keep the site up and everything. Plus, why would your members ever choose you over an actual company? I guess if you come up with a good deal, than yes that would make sense, but they never really are any good deals.
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    Web Stuff Your Webhost

    I paid a 2 year plan up front, which costs $118 - $160 depending upon if they have a deal at the time. Though, it turns out to be roughly $4.95 - $6.95 (again depending upon if they have a deal). I get everything I can ask for and have great support - Professional Web Hosting from HostMonster
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    Web Stuff Completing Offer!

    Thanks for that script! I will look into it, I mean I can write my own software, just have a hard time finding providers who give you the actual money/info/surveys to give to your clients and such.
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    Web Stuff Neo Bux

    It sounds cool, though I know from a fact that by you doing those 6 ads which you are getting a penny per ad, they are making 5x as much.
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    Web Stuff How much money?

    From the Internet? If we are talking money websites, not much, we talking about advertisements and such a few hundred, and if we get into talking about website design, thousands haha
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    Web Stuff Completing Offer!

    I am thinking about making one, never really have fully carried on with them though as in doing the offers and such. Though, what would appeal you guys a lot to use a cashback site?
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    COD MW2 Maps in PS3 Store!

    Haha, looks like PS3 has something to be happy about, for once.