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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    Hmm... Director Bristow? :reallyexcited: I can't wait for Season five :D
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    I voted Yes, for the reason that Irina is a good mom when she was Laura. If she wasn't with the KGB, I really think she'd be one heck of a mother-- in a good way. Have a mom like her, you know you're going to be loved and protected, but it does have some downsides...
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    Season 5 Will Mom be making an appearence in S4?

    I wish she'd be back. But then again, that really depends on the actress, and I totally support her decision not to come back at the moment. She is still a human being you know, a mother at that...
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    I voted for Jack. Though he's old, he's still hot. He makes me jump in my seat everytime he appears on screen. Next on the list is Sark, and then Vaughn and then Dixon. :D
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    Blooper reel

    Hi... I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but where can I find an MPEG version of the extended blooper reels of season 2? The one in alias-media is in real player format, and I want to "burn" the blooper reel in a CD (I also don't know how to download the real player from the...
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    Whats your fave

    Everything that comes out of the woman's mouth is like a breath of fresh air. I just worship her (please, don't take that too literally...)
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    Maybe Irina hypnotised Sloane and made him believe that they had an affair. OR Sloane is self-delusional because of his jealousy with Jack and Sydney's realtionship. It would really be cool if we find out that Nadia is Jack's daughter. Sloane is so pathetic... so sad... :down: I hope Irina...
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    < Anti-Sarkina >

    The sheer thought of thismakes me gag... I'm a J/I, so i definitely will not want Irina with any other guy other than Jack (and vice versa), count me in :D
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    The Darkness

    The Darkness is going to be shown in our country this 10 November. Is it good? Because I'm not a big fan of horror movies and I'm inviting my cousins to join me to watch (I don't like screaming inside movie theaters... I'd rather scream alone in my own room...) I just want to see it because of...
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    best couple

    Jack and Irina for me. And then Sydney and Vaughn. And then Sydney and Sark. And then Will and Francinator? One pair will never appear in my list. And that pair "produced" a child.
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    Season 5 New spoilers

    Enough relatives :blink: (all of them!) Alias is getting too overcrowded with relatives! :blink: :lol: Well, if it can't be helped, Yelena would be a nice relative to see in the show. At least we'll be able to see who Irina resembles more. Katya or Yelena? (She doesn't resemble Katya...)...
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    Season 5 Sydney's Mom

    Well, maybe we're not going to see her again this season, but maybe we will (everthing is unpredictable...). But I want her to be back... I just hope they don't kill her without her. Meaning that if they're going to kill the character Irina, get Ms.Olin to be there and "die". But I don't want...
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    Hello there...

    Hello... I'm Gabby born and raised in the Philippines. I'm seventeen, still a minor, but don't worry, I'll turn eighteen next year. :D I "lurk" around, and I have the same username (and password... shhh :o ) I'm an OC, physically fit, but mentally ill, and a huge fan of Alias (note...