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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    I've been playing MMOs for half my life (only 19 though XD ) so I've seen my fair share of them. Really only enjoyed two for any lasting amount of time though. Ultima Online - I heard about this on for Diablo way back in the day. Everyone was talking about this "UO" thing like it was...
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    What will be the first thing you do in game?

    Well, after quickly making throwaway characters to reserve the two or three names I'll use (so I can play in the character creation for days without having to worry about my name getting taken) and then after I get a character created I'll choose one and log in. When I get in I'll look around...
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    Fighter Class

    My guess is that one of the reasons that the monk was taken out was because of all those martial arts weapons that are used. Stuff like kama, nunchuku, shuriken, and whatnot don't really seem to fit with the theme that I've seen in Hero's Journey so far. At any rate, I'm tired of seeing katana...