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  1. J

    guyz on a serious note

    Yeah i noticed this place is sillent
  2. J

    Tutorial 2 Tutorials +wa.xFactor

    Resistance 2 one looks nice ill check tommorow
  3. J

    C & C Simple Photo Manipulation

    Looks nice mate
  4. J

    C & C My newest =O

    Nice colours acctually good work
  5. J

    C & C The Game

    Yeah arrows dont fit the main thing i like is the lighting
  6. J

    C & C School

    MAke it more bigger mate
  7. J

    C & C Third Myspace BG

    ITs okay, too much of the one colour its also looks very tacky for some reason
  8. J

    Tutorial Tim Cahill Signature Tutorial

    Nice tut mate thanks again
  9. J

    Tutorial Full Amazing Kaka Wallpaper Tut

    This isent your tutorail!
  10. J

    C & C tupac

    Hey Mg, Re-upload image so i can comment i bet its wicked though :D
  11. J

    GFX HQ Pics

    Where do some of you get your HQ and High Res pics from?
  12. J

    Resources Userbars :D

    Bit blurry and messy but thanks.
  13. J


    Yeah i will be getting this but only if they could make it no lag.
  14. J

    XBox Gears of War 2 (XBox 360)

    I brought number 1, Might get 2 for christmas but its not a game which i really want.
  15. J

    GFX sotw7 voting!

    Some nice efforts there guys, I really like the last one.