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    Alias Video Game PS2

    Does anyone have a copy of the Alias video game for PS2? I'm interested in buying a copy in good condition. Let me know.
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    Season 2 Sloane - Acting Director?

    During the CIA briefing in this episode, Kendall describes Sloane as the "acting director" of SD-6. I haven't seen the complete first season but from what I have, Sloane was always in charge. So who is the actual director of SD-6 that Sloane is filling in for as "acting director"?
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    Six Degrees of Alias

    this game is addicting! Jon Heder was in Just Like Heaven with Mark Ruffalo who was in 13 Going On 30 with Jennifer Garner who was on ALIAS Rachael Leigh Cook
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    Favorite Rambaldi Device

    My favorite Rambaldi devices were Il Dire and the DeReno heart.
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    Season 5 "JTINDLE"

    In Maternal Instinct, Sloane has Rachel delete server logs to keep Devlin from finding out about Jack and Sydney's rogue op. The user ID he used was "JTINDLE". When Rachel asked him about it, he said his network account timed out and he had to create a temporary one. Is there any significance to...