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    You know you're obsessed when...

    You know your obsessed with House when.... disappear for an entire day because you were watching the entire first season and all the bonus features in one sitting. .... you downloaded the scripts from every episode and can say it all word for word. .... you know the name of every...
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    Best acting moments?

    Some of mine: - In Son of Coma Guy when Wilson leaves the room and House and Gabe talk about the options of suicide. And especially when House tells him the last words he wants to hear from his father and Gabe replies that they don't work for him or something in that sense. And Hugh smiles and...
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    Chase and Cameron?

    i mean after they got sacked by house shouldn't they have left the show and maybe came back in a few seasons? The whole point of a new team was to freshen up the show but really why are they still there?
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    Season 4 or not?

    Hey all, I have season 1-3 of House and although I haven't finished them, I have liked pretty much every episode so far. I did start watching season five towards the end of the season. Since it appears the show has changed significantly between 3 and 4, and the reveiws I've read are quite...
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    What "power" would you like to have?

    I would love to have the power to fly. It would make traveling so much easier and fast. It'll also be loads of fun! ;)
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    Charlie Harper

    Hands down one of the funniest characters on the show. He really makes alot of laughter fill the room during the show. hehe.
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    Show canceled?

    Is it true? Has the show been canceled? I heard this from my sister and that's really sad! It was looking fairly good last season!
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    Lex Luthor

    Yes, he is getting more evil. He's a good character but i'm sick of him getting more evil. Does he have a limit!? 0_o
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    Lex and Lana

    A bit too weird for my tastes. I really couldn't see them together. Just too...strange. Those two just don't belong together. Period.
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    Who enjoys it?

    I'm a big House fan. One of my favorite shows and I can't wait for the upcoming season. It's looking really good so far. It's going to be strange with House in a place for mental patients ;)
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    Oh hi everyone!

    Hi there! Familyman here. I'm a big tv watcher. I enjoy sitting down after a long day at school and watching a witty and funny show :)
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    Futurama Renewed

    Any news on what the new season will be like? If it's going to be good that's going to be awesome because I really love this series. It's funny and really well thought out. That darn stupid Fry! ;)
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    Which Character

    I have to go with, Bender. He is funny and everything society generally hates. He really lightens up the mood with his "Care-less" view on "Robo-Life", haha.
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    How many seasons?

    I have seen each and every season at this point. At least I think I have. I have all five seasons on my computer, anyway. I'm going to be burning them for my girlfriend ;)
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    Which season?

    I enjoyed season 5-7 personally. They were just fun for me to watch, honestly. I found them fun to watch and(obviously) very funny. I don't think any other animated show will ever be able to compare, lol.
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    Sounds like a fun Uni ;) Do you have a "Watching Simpsons 101" class? haha. That would be sweet if you did, honestly. I doubt it though, lol. Pretty interesting to know though!
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    How much longer?

    I honestly don't know. They've seemed to pretty much finish up all that they can do. None of the other shows can catch up at this point so without totally new content I'm not sure...:(
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    Original or New

    I'm fairly new to the whole show so I wouldn't know the difference between the two. Maybe you could explain what the differences are?
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    Another movie!

    I never saw the first one but I would love to watch a first and then second one. I think the Simpsons is certainly a large enough show to make another movie.
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    Why do you like CSI?

    I like the show because it's just interesting. It's fun to follow a crime scene investigation through to the end and see all the interesting ways people commit the crimes, and how they solve them. I guess it's just got a feel too it. Honestly.