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    C & C Obama

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    C & C kanye WEST

    cnc and rate if you can please :D
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    something i did in biology class cuz i was bored and didnt feel like taking notesss. thats the quality you'll get from a 1.3 megapixels camera phone! :D
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    C & C psychadelic

    just messin around and testing some smudge settings and stuff :D cnc and rate
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    COD4 Clan

    is your guys' cod4 clan for xbox 360? im good, but my GB Rank is only 200k... its moving up, bcause i havent played many clan matches since Call of Duty 2. i played maybe 5 or so in Gears of War. anyways, id like to tryout if its for xbox 360. my Gamertag is SDS FALLOUT message me for a...
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    REMiiX in da houseee! :D

    hey guys i go by REMiiX (psssst! if youve got a better name, let me know. i hate mine!) okay so yeah, ummm i got referred by yhadii or however you spell his name. ive been a graphics designer for about 6 months off and on. (total time spent designing is 6 months...ive been introduced to it...