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    Season 5 Kristen spoiler

    I just hope they tie up some loose ends if it is Irina that will be killed, I hope Jack causes her death. She hurt him too much despite their great chemistry. Plus, she tricked him twice, it's only right that he gets to kill her. I hope it gets gory.
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    Jack's so deep!

    "You look just like him." Irina Derevko to Vaughn I don't remember which episode, but it's early in Season 2. It's just too much if you follow the show, for her to say that, and him knowing that she was the one who rendered his father unrecognizable if not for his teeth. It's so good!
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    Desperate for ratings?!

    I just wanna inquire whether anyone here knows what's gonna happen to Alias' timeslot now that Desperate Housewives is picked up for a full season, that it is the hottest show on TV, ratingswise. I just hope they don't throw Alias into Thursdays, the only viable slot that it could actually...