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  1. Tyrson

    Impersonations While Answering Questions

    This was shown to me in another forum. This guy does some good impressions while answering questions sent to him by people wanting to have him to voice impressions for the answers. Most were good, a couple were slightly off (but better than I could have done)...but I'd say the Doc Brown...
  2. Tyrson

    100-year-old "color" Photos

    From a co-worker of mine. The links below deal with an online exhibit at the Library of Congress. They show color photographs taken by a Russian photographer (Prokudin-Gorskii) before the first World War using a process that he developed. The LOC has taken his plates and produced digital...
  3. Tyrson

    What does $456 billion buy?

    I apologize in advance if this post hints at political bias; it's merely meant to put things in a different perspective. Reading the Boston Globe's online newspaper today, I came across this photo gallery: What does $456 billion buy? #9 struck me as particularly interesting. Again...
  4. Tyrson

    No Pants Day!

    The first Friday in May, apparently. No Pants Day - Wikipedia Don't wear pants! *We need something light-hearted in here amidst all the negative threads out and about.
  5. Tyrson

    Sword of Truth: Confessor

    The eleventh (twelfth if you include the Debt of Bones novella) and final book in Terry Goodkind's long-standing series will be released on November 13. Details (a sound byte from Terry Goodkind will activate when the page loads): The...
  6. Tyrson

    GFX Excerpt from my in-development Novel

    I decided to show off a little bit of writing skill. :) I've titled the Medieval Fantasy piece I'm working on "Luminaire Legion," based on a self-invented world inspired by the area I live in. The following excerpt is from the third chapter. I hope you enjoy it...
  7. Tyrson


    I've been a nameless lurker for about a year, more or less, but finally decided to get myself a name and show myself! I was directed here originally by Momma and have been excited about the possibility of a strong role-playing MMORPG. Let's see, I'll start with my RP experience. I'm a...