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  1. Skyheart

    Lessons from LOTRO

    I agree with the idea of scalable dungeons. Perhaps if you had some dungeons (not all, though, because it would get redundant) that had entirely new areas within the same dungeon open up after you beat it once. That way, you can revisit the same dungeon and get an entirely different experience...
  2. Skyheart

    (Poll) forums

    I looked at the forums briefly before I registered here. They struck me as very confusing and overly simplistic.
  3. Skyheart

    Just Plain Awesome

    Here's a question for everyone (hopefully it hasn't been done before): What sort of things would you like to see in a MMORPG that are just plain awesome? I'm not referring to intricate details like sword sheaths and active NPCs, but epic work-for-50-levels-to-earn-it awesome. When I first...
  4. Skyheart

    What road shall you walk upon?

    I voted 'healing saint,' but I'm with Dune Walker -- I've always preferred the Empath sort of healer. I intend to roleplay a Healer whose power comes from his compassion, regardless.
  5. Skyheart

    Little things in MMOs that would mean a lot

    You know what would be cool? Being able to climb trees and pick fruit from them. Then you could sit there until someone walks by and pelt them with apples (perfect for 'crotchety old hermit' types). Or, you know... eat it. I guess.
  6. Skyheart

    Character Creation...

    Ha! I realize this thread is a bit old, but I had to reply. As I was laying in bed this morning trying to convince myself to get up, I had this very same thought. It would be awesome to have a character creator to mess with, even if it wasn't a full version.
  7. Skyheart

    Weird Music You Listen To

    Yeah, pretty much. It's straight up shoegaze (think mellow, spacy rock).
  8. Skyheart

    Post a picture of you.

    Pictures here:
  9. Skyheart

    Weird Music You Listen To

    I listen to a lot of indie music... bands that most people haven't even heard of. Examplés: Starflyer 59, Hammock, Midlake, Explosions in the Sky, Mezzanine Owls, Early Day Miners, Tacks the Boy Disaster, Monster Movie, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ester Drang But then I also listen to some more...
  10. Skyheart

    Yo, where you at?

    I added myself. Chalk another one up for Texas.
  11. Skyheart

    HJ release set to N/A

    I may be new to these forums, but I've been watching the game and I agree that some new information would be nice. Nevertheless, I think it's awesome that the GMs are so involved with this forum. I don't think I've seen that in any other game I've played. As long as they're here, it feels...
  12. Skyheart

    Introduction: Skyheart

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I'll see what I can do to stir up some fresh conversation.
  13. Skyheart

    I want to be a ---- when I make a character!

    I've been a healer in every game since Everquest. I'll probably be a healer/cleric hybrid in HJ.
  14. Skyheart

    Introduction: Skyheart

    Hello everyone. I've been following Hero's Journey for quite a while, and finally decided to take the plunge and join the community. I suppose I'll introduce myself. I've been playing video games since I was a kid, and I'm sort of an old-schooler in that respect. Super Nintendo is still...