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    C & C Luminarious LP

    ty =] the tut is on gfxfreaks :) It makes me wanna do LP's and only LP's lol

    C & C Luminarious LP

    Same tut maniac used i got finsihed a whopping 1 day before him, but i do love his outcome :) Nice job mate! Same rules apply to mine i made everything in it except for the render and the textures. Credits are on my DA as well as commenting on there if you feel the urge...

    MMORG's good or bad?

    I used to be into it a lot with some clans, and its fun a lot of fun. But it does take over, moderation is key to all. Dav my clan HSM which is like a big old family has one member who is 69 one who is 64 and one who is 66 they're the coolest old folks i know lol. Redneck Pothead Gamers in...

    Request B1OHAZARD sig

    With him wanting it neon green u did a pretty good job mate dont knock it :-)

    Request SilentHawk Needs an Avi and Logo *Completed*

    Leave some for the rest of us :)

    C & C New Sig

    Lighting is actually pretty nice :) Grats Im liking the gradient on him... the text is iffy.... biggest problem for me is the bg and atmosphere are non existent ;-) the stuff to the left kills any flow i could find too. All and all the lighting and render work is veery nice :-)

    C & C StyLez

    There is text there? I couldnt see >> Not bad for a second though try more contrast :-)

    C & C Sotw siggy =]

    Eh im kinda liking this one... might need some more work on the right side.... but any cnc?

    GFX SOTW#5 Entries

    Heres mine kinda rushed bc i have work

    Tampa Bay

    Prophecy its annoying! My work has to give out free donuts every game they win and the morons always come :-( (Brandon near tampa) Hope they lose! But ya EVERYONE talks about them, bandwagon heaven!

    C & C Okami Sig

    Lol bro, brah, dude, all are part of my and prolly our vocab :-p

    Request Dan44

    Very nice clean work bro :-)

    C & C Bad stock sig

    I personally hate it =] But eh i was bored and it gave me proof that i really do suck wit stocks for the most part. Render sigs are my type.

    C & C Bad stock sig

    So as i was telling wulf i SUCK at stock sigs (except for my honey bee one) But here was my attempt at making one outta my girl. Stock was If anyone wants to make a better one :-p

    C & C Big 'ol abstract piece

    ^As they said^ and the flow seem like it should come from the top left instead of the mid. But nice work bro

    C & C Wulf GFX

    U grow quickly =]

    Whats Goody?

    Welkommen to the forum

    C & C New Sig of the New Style

    Og vector sprite :-) Nice concept could do better with some distinction between the levels of art though. imo

    C & C Okami Sig

    Not liking the depth, or the flow. The render doesnt work well for depth though... flow it has some potential. :) Keep it up bro

    Tutorial [PS] The Force Unleashed

    Np =] Big E did most of the work by making the original tut =] I just got really bored and wanted to help out a lil :)