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    Season 5 Spoiler

    Sorry Jinnie--I didn't realize I had the caps lock still on from signing in until it was too late. I won't post again.
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    Season 5 Spoiler

    According to SpolierFix, Vaughn will see Isabelle for the first time in this episode. It will pprobably be a real tear jerker. I don't know if this will be where he reunites with Sydney or not but just seeing him with his baby for the first time--can't wait! 1. Spoilers go in the spoiler...
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    Season 5 New set pictures

    Just saw on Alias Media---these pics are from the finale--YEAH!!---they identified the baby as a stunt baby!
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    Season 5 New set pictures

    It may be Jennifer Garners birthday but it's obviously cold (look at folks in background ) so it looks like they are filming too--plus it does look like Vaughn has a ring on as was noticed earlier--and Jen and Michael may be good friends but they are holding hands in many of the pictures--seems...
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    Politics Smoking in Resturants/Public places

    I live in a area where smoking is totally banned in restaurants and only allowed in bars with separate ventilation systems. You get so used to the fresh air. So when I go to a restaurant where they have a non-smoking section (which is a joke), it really is disgusting--the smell --yuck. Food...
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    Ithink he's alive but there's no way a double could have been with Syd discussing baby names. THat was Syd and Vaughn at their sweetest. Jack whisked him away for his safety.
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    Season 5 "Ask Ausiello" spoilers this week!

    Vaughn has got to be alive alive alive. There is no way that he could be a ghost for 5-6 episodes. That whole suspension of disbelief othing only goes so far.
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    Fav Sister

    I love Piper--you gotta love her!! Incredibly powerful--sensible--funny. She's my favorite--then Prue.
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    Season 3 The Photo

    I was wondering the exact same thing--it had to be a kiss or a hug or something to get Lauren fired up. Did S/V have a close moment on an earlier show maybe cos it was something like that.
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    alias on tnt

    Whew!! Glad you had your wits about you to check further. I just started sticking pins in my Law & Order doll.............
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    alias on tnt

    As of next Monday----ALIAS won't be on TNT apparently. The TNT schedule--as well as my cable guide show Law & order on at 4--and no ALIAS ANYWHERE!!! Enough with the freaking Law & Order--I mean I guess its a good show but it's on about 5 hours a day--we can't spare one hour for a fesh show...
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    Season 5 coded message in alias theme?

    1513 you are incredible--I can't remember what I had for breakfast much less decode a hidden message. Bravo!
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    Garner Changes Name to Affleck

    Well I guess it's okay considering we would all have a cow if Sydney doesn't change her name to Sydney Vaughn when Vaughn turns up alive and marries her......
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    Politics Abortion

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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    All I can say is that the MV appearance should not be the last for the season. With Alias now cancelled, MV, JJ, and TBTP at ABC should do whatever is necessary to give the fans some closure--and we want Vaughn---ALIVE with Sydney and their baby. We deserve a happy...
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    Season 5 5.08 Title

    I totally agree! I mean it's not like he can tell her his name is Julian Sark.
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    Season 5 5.10 Title

    Could S.O.S mean Save Our Sydney?
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    Politics The Justice System

    I did some research. the Supreme COurt case overturning execution of 16 and 17 years olds involved a 17 year old, who along with his 14 year old accomplice, broke into Shirley Crooks home. They tied her hands with electrical cable, leather straps and duct tape and threw her into the Meramac...
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    Politics The Justice System

    You are absolutely right! There is a double standard. Gotta mull that one over.
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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    I went there and looked at the pics after reading your post--you are right--they are awesome!!! Since it's this dream thing, it looks like Syd is dreaming about a normal life with Vaughn leading up to giving birth. They look soooooooo happy together--makes me happy even if it is a dream.