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    i'm doing psychology in my first yr at college, i think its great!
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    Least Favorite HP book?

    the order for me is: 1 prisoner of Azkaban 2 goblet of fire 3 Philospher's/sorcerers stone 4 half blood prince 5 order of the pheonix 6 chamber of secrets i did not like the book CoS the film make it a bit better but its still its not the best one for me...
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    Drama Snakes on a Plane!

    I've seen this its really funny, there's a few jumping moments when the snakes pop up but its a good storyline.
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    When Does Your School Start?

    i'm going to sixth form college next week on the 4th of sept!
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    Hey! i'm kinda new here myself, Welcome :D 👋
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    Tru Calling

    I love tru calling but for some reason sky one in the UK doesnt show the last episodes of S2! It's not fair!
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    The Series Finale

    It wasn't all that for me! As you say it was nice seeing the whole family except Prue! it would have been nice for Paige and Prue to bond a bit ! but the end bit although it was nice seeing their future it was rushed and i still didnt get to hear Pheobe's daughters name. awww little Henry and...
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    GCSEs and A levels

    ahh i am so relieved i just finished my exams on Thursday with my last two exams of statistics and Media. I am so happy and now i have a whole 2 months to relax and pick out a college!
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    Hey ...

    Hey! I've just joined the site, from London and I love Alias, ONE of my favourite episodes was when Marshal had to save Sydney after she was buried alive! This site looks really good and it has so many members, that is so impressive!